Hotel Plaza Athenee

19th April 2012 (

Following a recent multimillion dollar renovation, guests relish staying at the "new" Hotel Plaza Athenee. It is elegant, extremely comfortable,

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Guide To Budapest

28th March 2012 (

It has the spectacular architecture, luxury hotels and enigmatic sights to rival any European city – but Budapest also has a bohemian side most capitals would kill for. Here, Barbara Walshe spies its secrets.

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Island Life on Utila

8th March 2012 (

Time really does slow down on an island, which is hard to comprehend for those of us caught up in the fast paced Biking in Utilapressure cooker of modern society, but it’s the single thing I enjoy most about the island life.

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Travel to Malaysia

20th January 2012 (

Malaysia is a small country comprising of population around 27 million. It is a popular tourist attraction and it attracts a large number of tourists through its diverse culture, cuisine and architecture.

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All About Travel Guides

9th January 2012(

Before going to any new place, it's always better to do some homework. is the best place to detailed information about any place. It includes all possible destinations in their list of holiday spots.

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Denver's cowboy culture gets cool

14th December 2011(

Once associated with Stetsons and cowboy shirts, Colorado’s capital has transformed itself into an open-minded, cultured city, with a brace of stylish, arty neighbourhoods.

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26th October 2011 (

Peru is legendary among world travelers looking for exciting new experiences.

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Living in: Prague

12th August 2011 (

A real fairytale city, with its castle on the hill and famous statue-covered bridge, Prague has starred in everything from moody music videos to real-life revolutions.

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Mini guide to La Rioja

7th July 2011 (

The tiny province of La Rioja is distinguished by its ochre-coloured earth and bright blue skies, and by its famous wine (the official wine region also includes small parts of the neighbouring Basque Country and Navarre).

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Holidays in Portugal

Variety is the spice of life and holidays in Portugal offer all the diversity you could wish for. From fabulous sightseeing to stacks of fun activities, there is something to suit everyone on this sun-dappled slice of the Iberian Peninsular. Beautiful island vacations.

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Mini Guide to Galicia

24th November 2010 (

Galicia's spiritual and cultural centre is Santiago de Compostela, the medieval city that is journey's end for walkers on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

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Paris Rail Day Trip

1st October 2010 (

Staying in London but want to see Paris? Travel by Eurostar at a convenient time, to discover the "City of Lights" independently or with a guide.

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Night Life on Madeira

19th July 2010 (

The Portuguese island of Madeira is attracting a younger set with its dance clubs, new boutique hotels and peerless scenery.

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30th June 2010 (

Sydney perennially occupies the upper ranks of T+L readers' favorite cities. And why not? Impressively cosmopolitan, almost embarrassingly handsome-but as breezy and casual as any sunsoaked harbor town—Australia's largest city could win any visitor over on looks and climate alone.

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Nassau, Bahamas

28th June 2010 (

Originally known as Charles Town, NASSAU is the modern-day face of the Bahamas. Though dingy in parts, enough historical flavour has been preserved to make a stop worthwhile. Much of this atmosphere comes from its development during the so-called Loyalist period from 1787 to 1834, when many of the city's finest colonial buildings were built. Before this build-up, Nassau had largely been a rustic haven for pirates, privateers and wreckers.

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Mediterranean Spirit

Cassata ice-cream. Pizza Margherita. Salad Niçoise. They're all classic Mediterranean dishes. And they come from the classic Med cities you'll see on this cruise.

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Frugal Paris

4th May 2010 (

WELL before midsummer, the sun sets late over Paris. Even at 9 p.m., you can sit on the banks of the Canal St.-Martin in the 10th Arrondissement, and see in the still water the reflection of the sky, a blue mottled with thin clouds, and the low pale buildings with their amber lights just turned on, and the ruffled, fractal edge of the trees in full green bloom. Night seems as if it will never come.

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Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

17th March 2010 (

We took a September trip to Tanzania, Africa, for a wonderful week of safari in National Parks with AbrojaleyAfricaAjabu Safari Company, which we HIGHLY recommend.

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International Travel Tips

11th January 2010 (

Traveling abroad is always among the wish list of people of all age groups. Many people who have traveled abroad describe it as the most memorable and exciting time of their life.

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Miami, San Francisci and Washington DC hot destinations in USA

11th Nov 2009 (

Travel to different places is the make the entertainment in the busy life. Here some places in the United State that put the life in the vacations. Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco are the full of attractions and enjoyable places. Last year I got the more adventure and full of enjoyable moments.

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Having Your Hobby and Traveling Too!

28 August 2009 (

A man dressed in a long velvet robe walks around Carnival Cruise Lines the Liberty quoting Shakespeare and resisting the serf uprising. No, it's not grandpa in his pajamas off of his meds while on vacation... It's the Renaissance Faire at sea, and it's called Theme Travel!

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Afghanistan Protects 33 Species

11 June 2009 (

Amid Afghanistan’s struggles to stem violence and political instability, the country is slowly moving forward to protect its biological and environmental patrimony. The country recently established its first national park and now has created a list of 33 protected species, ranging from the snow leopard to the obscure goitered gazelle and paghman salamander. The Wildlife Conservation Society on Tuesday released photographs of snow leopards taken last month in the Wakhan Corridor region using automatically-triggered camera traps, a technology I’ve written about in the past. Here’s more on Afghanistan’s new wildlife laws.

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The Sweet Life at the Chic Tip of South Beach

3 June 2009 (

IT was a sunny Monday afternoon, and the scene around the yellow-and-orange cabanas at La Piaggia Beach Club was laid-back and effortlessly chic. Waiters brought trays of chilled rosé, goose pâté and “les mini cheeseburgers.” Women, wearing cunning coverups that manage to cover up nothing, dipped their manicured feet into the sand. A few attractive young bodies were leisurely sunning near the saltwater pool, but nobody was in the pool itself. It was just for show, as was the plaque on the weathered wooden front door falsely stating that the club was “members only.” With the blue waters and swaying palms, the scene at La Piaggia could almost be mistaken for St. Barts or Mustique. Except, of course, for the surrounding sea wall of beachfront condos that screamed Miami.

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Dublin - write on!

25 May 2009 (

Think Dublin, think great literary tradition. The 11th annual Dublin Writers Festival kicks off in the first week of June. Discover this energised city, soak up the outputs and insights of the some of the world’s most acclaimed writers and maybe stick around for Bloomsday (16 June), when Dublin goes nutty for all things James Joyce.

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Rower Makes Lonely Odyssey Across the Sea

8 May 2009 (

World-class rower Paul Ridley was caught in southward current, and it was pulling him farther off course from his planned landfall at Antigua. He was tired, nearing the end of an 87-day trek across the Atlantic to raise money for cancer research. His mother had died of skin malignancy in 2001, while his father had fought off prostate cancer and lived.

There were no chase boats. Ridely was all alone in Liv, a specially outfitted rowboat. Tracking his progress from shore, his support team debated the options while Jonathan Cornelius of Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue plugged his position into SARMAP, an uncannily accurate drift prediction tool.

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Make your holidays Adventurers.

10 Best Coastal Eco-Resorts

21 April 2009 (

9 Beaches, Bermuda

Bermuda is usually formal, but there’s no need for evening dress at this casual out-post. Six of the 84 rooms are over-the-water cabanas that include a window in the floor so you can peer down at fish.

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36 Hours in Palm Springs, Calif.

10 April 2009 (

PALM SPRINGS was once the miles-from-Hollywood getaway that Malibu is now: a place for ’60s movers and shakers to eat, drink and sunbathe poolside while they awaited calls from studio execs. Today, after some hard-earned changes, the desert town nestled in the Coachella Valley is becoming a destination for laid-back cool once again. Palm Springs is finding a balance between the past and the present and attracting visitors just as happy climbing canyons and sipping cocktails on a lounge chair as taking in the design and architectural treasures of the past.

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The battle for Turkey's soul

10 April 2009 (

TURKEY is the Islamic world's leading secular democracy. It spends a large proportion of its income on scientific research and aims to match that of the European Union by 2013. Turks like science: one of the country's top-selling magazines is the popular science monthly Bilim ve Teknik ("Science and Technology"), published by the country's scientific funding agency TÜBITAK. The best-seller is a science monthly for kids. But Turkey is also a hotbed of creationism. So when a cover feature on Darwin planned for the March issue of Bilim ve Teknik was pulled at the last minute, it caused an uproar. Turkish scientists suspected that pressure from religious politicians had led to censorship. Is Turkey changing course? Does this bode ill for science in the Muslim world? Read Article on The battle for Turkey's soul »

Crazy Nights in São Paulo

8 April 2009 (

THE default night life areas in São Paulo’s southwest zone — Itaim Bibi, for the clean-cut moneyed crowd and Vila Madalena, where a (slightly) more bohemian set mobs the open-air bars — are still going strong. But a revival is under way closer to the city center, and more specifically, the “bad” side of Avenida Paulista, the active artery that separates downtown from upscale neighborhoods in the city’s southwest zone.

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Affordable Fun on South Florida’s Gold Coast

8 April 2009 (

IN the battle of fish versus pelican, our money was on the fish. Not that the plump, yellow-tailed amberjack was still alive, mind you. The catch was an angler’s reject — not particularly good eating, in other words — but it looked like a decent lunch to the pelican that spotted it along the pier. The only problem? The bird hadn’t quite figured out how to wrap its mouth around its extra-wide find, resulting in a comical scene. My 10-year-old daughter, Emma, stood firmly in place, capturing it all on the family camera. Such was the kind of cheap entertainment that abounded during a recent weekend family trip to the beach communities north of Fort Lauderdale and south of Boca Raton along the Gold Coast of South Florida. By most definitions, these oceanside towns — Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Pompano Beach and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea — hardly qualify as destinations unto themselves. They are best suited to families (or retirees) who like the lost-in-time way of life they represent.

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Listening to the Earth's deepest secrets

8 April 2009 (

GARY ANDERSON was not around to see a backhoe tear up the buffalo grass at his ranch near Akron, Colorado. But he was watching a few weeks later when the technicians came to dump instruments and insulation into their 2-metre-deep hole. What they left behind didn't look like much: an anonymous mound of dirt and, a few paces away, a spindly metal framework supporting a solar panel. All Anderson knew was that he was helping to host some kind of science experiment. It wouldn't be any trouble, he'd been told, and it wouldn't disturb the cattle. After a couple of years the people who installed it would come and take it away again. He had in fact become part of what is probably the most ambitious seismological project ever conducted.

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Ten of the best UK standing stones

3 April 2009 (

Picking a top 10 from our wealth of prehistoric monuments is a little like choosing your favourite records of all time: almost impossible - it depends on your mood. Some sites are overwhelming in their complexity, others are peaceful and solitary. Some by the road, others a two-hour walk away, but whatever your preference, there are more than enough to keep any megalith fan happy for years. So, donning my many-mooded hat, I have chosen the following for their extraordinary diversity of megalithic magic.

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Portland, Portland Style: Touring by Bicycle

3 April 2009 (

A LOT of good cyclists come out of Portland just because you can ride year-round,” said Bruce Rogers, an athletic-shoe designer visiting from his home in Hailey, Idaho. “I love coming back because I love the biking, no matter what time of year it is. More than fitness, it’s a fun outlet. As long as you have decent rainwear you can ride in any weather.” Careering through streets on a bicycle in Portland, Ore., this time of year can be an easy weekend adventure that mixes showers, sunbursts, cafes and a robust bicycle culture. And equipped with a sturdy rain jacket, booties, fenders and a bike map (a waterproof version that folds to the size of a credit card is handy), visitors can enjoy the city the way locals do.

Read Article on Portland, Portland Style: Touring by Bicycle »

36 Hours in Hanoi

3 April 2009 (

NEAR Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of Hanoi, a digital clock counts down the seconds to this atmospheric city's 1,000th birthday in 2010. There certainly will be a lot to celebrate: the city, Vietnam's capital, has experienced extraordinary growth over the last two decades, evolving from a grim, famine-ravaged place into a sophisticated metropolis with high-rises, sensational cuisine and world-class art. Those shaking their heads at the disappearance of local culture, though, should think twice. For every glitzy mall, there's an incense-filled temple nearby, and cultural influences of the past are still part of the modern-day fabric, from revered Confucian monuments to trendy French restaurants. In fact, it's this zeal for barreling toward the future while always looking back that defines this city.

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Asian Dolphin Less Rare Than Thought

1 April 2009 (

Dolphin and porpoise species that have adapted to rivers and deltas around the world have long been considered some of the most vulnerable of marine mammals because of their restricted habitats. In 2007, the baiji, a river dolphin that thrived in the Yangtze River for 20 million years in today’s China, was said by experts to have been driven to extinction by a mix of impacts from the nearly half billion people now living in that watershed. The vaquita, a porpoise living in brackish waters where the Colorado River empties into the Gulf of California, is critically endangered, biologists say, depleted by fishing nets and the disruptions in the great river’s flow in the 20th century from dam construction.

Read Article on Asian Dolphin Less Rare Than Thought»


San Francisco Attractions

1 April 2009 (

Cable Cars remain a great way to climb the city's notorious hills. Get on at the less-touristy California and Market turntable, where you're more likely to ride with commuters who know the gripmen by name. Ride to the Cable Car Museum, which is free. The De Young Museum is a good reason to go to Golden Gate Park. The building brings a new sophistication to a city that had shied away from grand statements. The eclectic collection is complemented by traveling shows and special events made possible by the ample space.

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Chinese spy network infiltrated embassies worldwide

31 march 2009 (

Computer hackers based in China built up a network of compromised computers in the offices of the Dalai Lama and many other national government offices and organisations around the world, Canadian computer security researchers have revealed. The network, nicknamed GhostNet, included over 1295 computers belonging to the Tibetan Government in Exile, embassies belonging to countries including India, South Korea and Germany, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the Asian Development Bank. The investigation was carried out by Information Warfare Monitor (IWM) – an organisation formed by Canadian think tank, the Secdev Group – and a laboratory at the Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto.

Read Article on Chinese spy network infiltrated embassies worldwide »

As Airfares Fall, Save Even After Buying

27 march 2009 (

TRAVEL sellers have been desperately cutting prices in an effort to fill empty airline seats and hotel beds. From the start of the year through March 10, major airlines advertised 52 sales, up from roughly 35 during the comparable period in 2008, according to, which tracks airline pricing. Likewise, hotel rooms and vacation packages have been heavily discounted, sometimes by as much as 70 percent. That’s great news if you’re looking to plan a vacation anytime soon. But what if you already purchased your trip?

Read Article on As Airfares Fall, Save Even After Buying »

18 Most Dangerous U.S. Volcanoes Include Erupting Alaska Peak

27 march 2009 (

Spewing ash and steam miles into the sky, Alaska's Augustine Island volcano has been erupting this week (see photo) and posing a threat to air traffic. The newly vigorous mountain is just one of the 18 most dangerous U.S. volcanoes, according to a report presented by John Ewert at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco last month. Ewert is a Vancouver, Washington-based volcanologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Read Article on 18 Most Dangerous U.S. Volcanoes Include Erupting Alaska Peak»

US to boost Mexico border defence

24 march 2009 (

The US government is to increase security at the country's border with Mexico, in an attempt to combat drug cartels, the White House has announced. The number of immigration, customs and anti-drug agents and gun law enforcement officers will be increased, officials said. Some 8,000 people have died in Mexico over the past two years amid bitter turf wars between rival drugs gangs.

Read Article on US to boost Mexico border defence »

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Holidays in Portugal

From the much-visited and beloved Algarve, to the cosmopolitan Lisbon coast and the charming towns and villages that dot the countryside, the ever-popular Portugal seems to offer something for everyone. With its wonderful Mediterranean climate and distinctive rugged coastline, the sunny Algarve continues to be a firm favourite with British holidaymakers, attracting many with its family-friendly atmosphere, endless golden beaches, top-class sporting facilities, and wide range of accommodation and entertainment options.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Sarrah, 09 Mar 11

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

I absolutely fell in love with the Perhentians. I had never seen such clear, hot water and white sands. You can eat each day's catch on the beaches in the evening in the form of barbeques, go snorkelling/scuba diving to look for giant turtles and sharks. Not sure how it is five years on - I would expect it to be increasingly upmarket and developed, there's only one direction for these things - but I would love to go back and spend 4/5 days there doing very little but reading and sunning
0/10 (0 votes)
By Alison, 06 Oct 10

Suggested itineraries for Jamaica

Jamaica has lots to offer the tourists from beaches and waterfalls to mountains, reserves and parks. If you are a time challenged traveller, you won't be able to cover all. However, you can still make the best of your trip by savouring the various flavours of the island by including the following in your itineraries.

Some of Jamaica's greatest attractions are to found in and around Ocho Rios. Though Ocho Rios can be a bit crowded, you can stay in Jamaica accommodation rentals that are located a short distance away.

There are many beautiful gardens in and around Ocho Rios that are well worth a visit. Some of these include Coyaba River Garden, Cranbrook Flower Forest and Shaw Park Gardens. The gardens are a colourful riot of flowers, vines, ferns and trees. The fluttering butterflies and the rivers and streams winding their way through, they seem straight out of a fairytale. It is little wonder then that they are very popular as wedding locales.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Beacham, 04 May 10

Immigrate To Canada

Most people want to immigrate to Canada to build a good life, new relationships, and to get out of where they are now. Believe it or not, things can get a lot better than that. Canada is awesome, and you will be able to live a happy, fun and fulfilling life there without any problems. But how to immigrate to Canada? Canada is a country with a very broad immigration policy, and so the requirements are not that difficult to fulfill. Also getting a job there, or making a living of any kind is fairly easy. Scottish people often immigrate to Canada. So immigrating to Canada is very easy to do, provided that you have the proper understandings in place.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Scott, 15 Apr 10

Honeymoon On St Croix

After your wedding day, your honeymoon is one of the most memorable times of your life and so must certainly count as one of best holidays you will ever take. It is the beginning of a new life with the person you love. As such it is a good reason to visit somewhere you have always wanted to go, somewhere very special. One of the most popular places for people to go to on a honeymoon is St Croix, The US Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is the first preference for many newly weds for several reasons: the romance, the people are happy and welcoming, the sand, sea and sunshine, the food and the music. St Croix in the US Virgin Islands is one of the most well-liked destinations in the Caribbean islands. St Croix has picturesque beaches and that perfect tropical climate that is so fitting for a wonderful honeymoon. The hotels and the island's inhabitants love to take care of newly weds and go out of their way to make sure that the honeymooners have the time of their lives.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Creg, 22 Feb 10

Riad Marrakech

If you are looking for the next place to go on your vacation, and want to go somewhere that you can enjoy beautiful scenery, culture and heritage and a lot of great locations to see and visit on your trip, you should consider going to Riad Marrakech. The Villa Marrakech has something to offer anyone who is looking for a rich and inviting place to go on their next vacation. No matter what kind of activities you like to do, and what kind of places you like to visit, you can find what you are looking for at Marrakech.

Morocco has long been known for its beautiful and festive vacation spots that have been attracting people from all over for years. There are many places to visit on your vacation that include the Zina, Dar, Villa, Ryad and Marrakesh. Among any of these great places to visit and see, you will be able to find a lot of hotels and hostels, along with resorts that offer a variety of spa services and all of the activities that you want.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Ravi, 04 Feb 10

Masai Mara Safari Travel Guide

Have you ever thought of venturing into the wilderness to experience a safari? Located in Kenya the Masai Mara Safari awaits you. Not only does this reserve cover over 1,500 kilometers of space, it is only a part of the larger Mara-Serengeti ecosystem. The Mara-Serengeti ecosystem covers over 20,000 kilometers of land. Named after the Maasai word for ‘spotted’, this reserve is a great tourist attraction and source of income for Kenya.

The Masai giraffe can only be found in this reserve. The giraffe is also known as the Kilimanjaro Giraffe and is the largest species of giraffe. Giraffe’s are the tallest known animal in the world. Giraffe reach a great height of up to 6 meters, although some have been seen up to a height of 6.5 meters. Maasai Giraffe can be distinguished by the jagged spots covering their bodies and a tassel of hair on its tail. Although this animal may look peaceful it has the ability to mortally wound predators with its sharp hooves.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Nicholas, 03 Feb 10

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Take the Zambezi, one of Southern Africa's largest rivers. Let it loose across the floodplains of Angola and Zambia, Cliffstributaries swelling it until the river is as large as a racing track. Once the waterway is flowing with full force over the basalt plateau of southern Zambia, cut a 1700-meter wide gash in the valley and watch the entire width of the river come pouring down an 180-meter face of rock into a narrow gorge. That is Victoria Falls, one of the most monumental waterfalls in the world.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Susi, 10 Sep 09

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Take the Zambezi, one of Southern Africa's largest rivers. Let it loose across the floodplains of Angola and Zambia, Cliffstributaries swelling it until the river is as large as a racing track. Once the waterway is flowing with full force over the basalt plateau of southern Zambia, cut a 1700-meter wide gash in the valley and watch the entire width of the river come pouring down an 180-meter face of rock into a narrow gorge. That is Victoria Falls, one of the most monumental waterfalls in the world.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Zeeshan, 20 Jul 09

Traffic in Istanbul is chaotic !

Watch out the for the rush hour! Istanbul has around 14 million inhabitants and as a big metropolis it has a lot of traffic problems. If you can, avoid moving around during the rush hours. There is no traffic jam in the morning around the hotel and tourist districts (Taksim-Beyoglu and Sultan Ahmet). If you are enjoying your day in Sultan Ahmet district ( where the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia are located) and need to go back to your hotel, avoid the traffic jam and try to stay in Sultan Ahmet district until 19:30 ~ 20:00 o'clock. Ask in your hotel reception how long does it takes from your hotel to the airport. Try always to be on time !
0/10 (0 votes)
By Jahangir, 16 Jul 09

London In A Few Days

London's history is so rich and so vast, that the highest to the lowest level of history fan will be interested. While London acknowledges its first century Roman founding, it honors Boadicea with a statue near Parliament. Boadicea was the British queen who raised an army and fought back the Romans to London, where she burned the city. Those who find such violent female figures interesting will enjoy museums like Madame Tussauds, a very lifelike wax museum, and the London Dungeon, where the horrors and terrors of medieval London come to life, including a selection of Britain?s most infamous women throughout history. The Tower of London houses the crown jewels as well as tales of mysterious prisons for important prisoners.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Taha, 16 Jul 09

36 Hours in Palm Springs, Calif.

wow! i hope my husband doesn't get this site cuz since i am on it my husband owes me a vacation in Palm Springs, Calif.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Sarah, 24 Apr 09

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