Panasonic TC-L42E5

23th April 2012 (

The E5 series is a mid-tier line of LED back lit LCD televisions from Panasonic for 2012. It is another line that shows Panasonic's commitment to larger and more feature rich LED TVs going forward.

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LED TV Reviews

28th February 2012 (

Here at we have compiled a selection of LED TV reviews to help to decide on a future purchase of a LED Backlit television.

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Panasonic LCD Televisions

20th January 2012 (

Panasonic LCD Televisions and other kinds of TVs under this company bear a great design along with excellent features that label them to be one of the most high-end products available in the market today.

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Sharp LC60LE810UN

30th June 2011 (

With the introduction of the LC-60LE810UN, Sharp once again demonstrates its leadership in LCD and LED technology. In a monumental engineering breakthrough

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Coby TFTV2425

9th March 2011 (

- 23.6" Widescreen TFT LCD HDTV
- 1080p Resolution
- DTV-ready with dual ATSC/NTSA tuners
- HDMI digital connection, HDCP compliance for HDCP content support

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Vizio M220NV 22-inch 1080p LED TV

31st January 2011 (

VIZIO's M220NV 22" Class (21.53 inch diagonal) Razor LED LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps puts the best of the web right on your TV screen, giving you the convenience of on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos and more at the push of a button.

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Vizio VA19L

18th October 2010 (

Crisp clear HDTV in one adequate package. Analogue cable even looks good. Sound is excellent and quite robust. Easy to hook up and operate. Pretty good bang for your buck.

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Televisore 19" LCD Philips

18th May 2010 (

Questo display WXGA con tecnologia LCD offre una risoluzione widescreen HD superiore a 1366 x 768 pixel. Produce immagini a scansione progressiva brillanti e prive di sfarfallio con luminosit eccezionale e colori perfetti.

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Samsung's first Full HD 3D TV

25th February 2010 (

Hope you're ready to see the make believe world in a new dimension 'cause Samsung's first Full HD 3D set is now shipping Stateside.

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Samsung 8500 Series LED Television

26th January 2010 (

Never content to be a follower, Samsung rocked competitors with a new line of superthin high-definition televisions that use energy-sipping light-emitting diodes as their primary light source instead of traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps.

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Insignia NS-P501Q-10A

9th September 2009 (

A 50-inch Plasma HDTV from Insignia with 1365x768 resolution, 2 component-video inputs, and 2 HDMI inputs.

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4 Pieces of Crave-able AV Gear

7 August 2009 (

Take home-viewing to the next level with this superslim 65-inch

LCD screen

that is only one inch thick at its narrowest. For $16,000 you also get an amazingly crisp picture with a contrast ratio of more than 1 million to one between solid black and pure white, among the best contrast ratios of any


ever made.

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Sony KDL-46V4100

28 July 2009 (

Sony 46" BRAVIA V-Series Black


Flat Panel HDTV - KDL46V4100/ 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution/ Digital Media Extender (DMex)/ Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE)/ 24p True Cinema/ 25,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio/ MPEG Noise Reduction/ 3D Comb Filter/ CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology/ Black Finish

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JVC's ultra-thin LED backlight TV outed

24 June 2009 (

JVC chose this year's CEDIA expo to show off its 32-inch debut in the LED backlight market – the LT-32WX50. In what is a rather muted show this year – what with the economic crash and all – JVC's super-skinny TV certainly stood out from the custom install crowd, with its High Native contrast ratio of 4,000:1 and 90 per cent Adobe RGB colour space.

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House shocker: Why? What's next?

10 April 2009 (

First of all, we're not giving out any spoilers until after this paragraph, even though much of the House faithful already experienced the season's jaw-dropping surprise last night. The repercussions are not limited only to the world of House--they go all the way to the top! As previously teased, House killed off a major character--and one we dearly loved--last night in epic fashion. Yes, it was a suicide as we pieced together, but no, it wasn't who we were expecting. Dr. Lawrence Kutner, played by Kal Penn, inexplicably took his own life last night, something that will shake Dr. House and the rest of the staff to the core for at least the remainder of the season, said House executive producer David Shore.

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A Bones crossover you have to read to believe

1 April 2009 (

May episode of Bones to feature crossover with another popular Fox property, but you'll never guess which one.


producers will do crazy things for ratings, particularly when it's time to gear up for the end of a show's season. Characters perish, guest stars drop in, and sexual tension thickens to a soupy mess. But the hardest thing to pull off is the crossover--inviting one show into the universe of another. Fox's Bones is going to attempt the tricky maneuver later this season, but this one is going to be on the near-impossible side of the scale. All you Bones fans have a seat, take a deep breath, and clear your head, because Bones is going to try a crossover episode with.

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Creative Chaos Keeps South Park Timely, Tack-Sharp

1 April 2009 (

If you corner South Park co-creator Matt Stone at some Los Angeles intersection, don't bother asking him what he and comedic partner Trey Parker have in store for the rest of the show's new season. They don't have a clue, and they like it that way. So far in Season 13, South Park has taken on The Dark Knight, the Jonas Brothers, Disney and the current financial crisis. But none of those timely, topical show concepts existed even a week prior to their airing, Stone says, and nobody associated with the animated sitcom knows for sure what politically incorrect terrain South Park's band of foul-mouthed fourth-graders will tread as the season unfolds.

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ABC picks end to Lost's season, others

31 march 2009 (

Season five of Lost, Grey's Anatomy conclude in mid-May; Bachelorette, Ugly Betty returns also set. According to Jim According to Jim It's time to get out your red pen and mark your calendars, because ABC has announced the finale dates of its lineup, including the season finales of Lost and Grey's Anatomy, and possibly the series finales of Scrubs and… According to Jim.

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Yahoo Net service comes to Samsung TVs

31 march 2009 (

Yahoo technology to bring Internet services to


has fledged from the demonstration realm to become available in an actual product, Samsung TVs. Yahoo calls the technology TV Widgets, but Samsung is branding it as [email protected]. It provides access to a handful of Yahoo services--news, stock quotes, Flickr photos, weather--as well as the Twitter microblogging service, sports scores, eBay shopping, and CBS content. (CBS is owner of CBS Interactive, which publishes CNET News.)

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Media distortion damages both science and journalism

27 march 2009 (

WHEN media reports state that scientist X of Y university has discovered that A is linked to B, we ought to be able to trust them. Sadly, as many researchers know, we can't. This has three serious consequences. For starters, every time the media misreports science, it chips away at the credibility of both enterprises. Misreporting can also engender panic, as people start to fear the adverse consequences of the supposed new link between A and B. Lastly, there can be a damaging effect on researchers' behaviour. Funding agencies and science institutions rightly encourage scientists to communicate with the media, to keep the public informed about their research and so foster trust. If their work is misrepresented, they may withdraw into the lab rather than risk having to spend hours setting the record straight.

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TV entertainment holds mirror to US during recession

18 march 2009 (

Los Angeles - US viewers turning to their


for comfort and distraction from economic distress might not get what they are looking for these days. From comedy shows to dramas and reality

TV programmes

, the traditional haven of fluffy entertainment has veered from the path of mindless escapism to offer recession-hit viewers plenty of sympathy, relevance and righteous indignation.

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Coby TFTV2425

The Colby 24 inch has a nice picture. Tha sound is very tinny. I turned the bass all the way up and the treble all the way down. Still has a tinny sound.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Neily, 09 Mar 11

Vizio VA19L

This is the best tv i have ever bought. it was a great selection. it can go anywhere in the house i put it on the roof so i can watch tv outside it makes it more fun to do yard work
0/10 (0 votes)
By John Smith, 19 Oct 10

Toshiba 22DV665DB

Toshiba 22DV665DB ... series HD Ready LCD televisions combine superb picture processing performance and elegant contemporary styling with the added bonus of an integrated DVD player. The HD Ready panel, driven by impressive picture processing technology, creates stunning high definition images.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Farnandis, 08 Jun 10

Sony KDL-32EX703

Model ID KDL32EX703U / "Sony KDL-32EX703 - 32"" BRAVIA LCD TV - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - Edge-LED Backlight technology - 100 Hz - black" / The superb HD home experience for everyone.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Shawn, 08 Jun 10

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