Simple Ways to Prevent Sports Injury

29th March 2012 (

Sports injuries are common among professional and amateur athletes alike. With just a few adjustments to workout routines, many of these injuries can be prevented. Keep your body in top shape by incorporating these simple things into your exercise.

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Horizon treadmill Ti 52

9th January 2012 (

The Horizon treadmill Ti 52 is the exemplar of the Horizon-series. Because of its especially joint-gentle running surface, it is even suitable for older users having joint problems.

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Getting fit for sport

15th December 2011 (

Whether you are gearing up for a ski holiday or a kick about on the weekend, solid physical preparation can make the difference between having an incredible experience, and having an incredibly painful experience.

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Yoga for Your Jiggly Bits

12th October 2010 (

We all have one or two problem areas that are hard to firm up—hello, chicken arms—but that we long to get rid of for good.

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Creatamax 8000GL

FREE Creatamax 8000GL

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Super Charge Xtreme

SuperCharge! Xtreme gives you energy, pump, power, and endurance with the very first dose! Take a hit of SuperCharge! Xtreme and 15 minutes later, you'll be like a raging bull in the gym, razor sharp, aggressive mental focus combined with outrageous strength and muscle pumps!

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Gluteal Muscles

27th May 2010 (

There are three types of gluteal muscles that form the structure of the buttocks in the body. These muscles are the gluteus minimus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus maximus muscle.

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A Yoga Manifesto

4th May 2010 (

ZEN is expensive. The flattering Groove pants, Lululemon's answer to Spanx, may set Luluheads, the devoted followers of the yoga-apparel brand, back $108.

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Carrots, Sticks and Lower Premiums

29th March 2010 (

For all the debate lately, one basic fact about America’s health care crisis is rarely mentioned. Namely, the one thing that could really reform health care is you, collectively speaking: People living healthier lives.

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How All-in-one Exercise Equipment Works

4th February 2010 (

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that had something to do with losing weight or getting in better shape? If so, you're not alone. Year after year, improving personal fitness is often among the most popular yearly resolutions.

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Chris Jericho's Express Workout

2nd February 2010 (

Don't torture yourself for two to three hours in the gym. This express routine from Jericho will have you on your way in less than half that time.

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Facing Down Butterfly Glute Stretch

15th September 2009 (

Start on your elbows (or hands) and knees. Lean forward and flip one foot in front of the other knee. Keeping your hip in line, lean further forward while putting slight pressure from your one foot on the knee. Continue until you feel a gentle stretch in your buttocks.

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FINIS AquaPulse monitors, communicates heart rate to swimmers

21 April 2009 (

Now that every kid on planet Earth is attempting to mimic the once-heroic Michael Phelps, it's only fair to equip them with the very best in training tools. FINIS, the same firm that's been cranking out bone conducting underwater MP3 players for years on end, has finally branched out a bit with the introduction of the AquaPulse. By utilizing an Infrared sensor, the device -- which straps onto one's goggles and rests on the temple bone -- can continually monitor heart rate and communicate it audibly to the swimmer via bone conduction in customizable intervals.

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Every Other Day Diet Bittorrent

Have you heard of a new method to lose weight intitled The Every Other Day Diet? Well, it could be the gospel for those who are suffering fatness.
According to a research, it is highly efficient to reduce your weight. Recently, it has become more and more popular.

Now, what is The Every Other Day Diet on earth? Actually, it is very simple.
You can eat fatty foods (even pizza and KFC) every other day as long as you workout right and eat highly nutritious, low-fat high-protein foods on the first day. This would give you 3 or 4 eat what you want days each week.

If you can keep the rule, you would successfully achieve your healty goal some day.
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By Patrik, 04 May 10

Building Fit Minds Under Stress

A University of Pennsylvania-led study in which training was provided to a high-stress U.S. military group preparing for deployment to Iraq has demonstrated a positive link between mindfulness training, or MT, and improvements in mood and working memory. Mindfulness is the ability to be aware and attentive of the present moment without emotional reactivity or volatility.

The study found that the more time participants spent engaging in daily mindfulness exercises the better their mood and working memory, the cognitive term for complex thought, problem solving and cognitive control of emotions. The study also suggests that sufficient MT practice may protect against functional impairments associated with high-stress challenges that require a tremendous amount of cognitive control, self-awareness, situational awareness and emotional regulation.
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By Christopher, 22 Feb 10

How to Do Pull Ups

Pull ups are one of the most wonderful auxiliary exercises for the back, forearms and the biceps. It is an important part of strength training exercises. However, there are a number of people, who avoid doing pull ups or chin ups as they are very difficult to do. It is better to try them and see the fantastic results they give, for yourself. Once you know how to do pull ups, you will understand that it is actually a mind game, more than the physical strength. To be able to do the pull ups, it is necessary, that you practice regularly. There is a misconception, that pull ups are to be done or can be done only by women, but the truth is even men cannot do pull ups if they do not practice them regularly.
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By Eden, 18 Feb 10

Tips in Starting a Bicep Workout Routine

You can find bicep workouts to suit any type of fitness need or goal. You can pump and curl towards huge biceps or sleeker arms. A few bicep workouts designed to help you sculpt your chest. Nowadays you can even find customized routines that will give you Madonna or Michelle Obama's famously chiseled biceps. If you're looking for it, there's a workout for it. Still, how can you know the bicep routine you've chosen is the right one for your needs?
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By Shahnawaz, 24 Jun 09

Advantages of Yoga For Athletes

More sportsmen are turning to yoga as an auxiliary exercise routine to fix the imbalance in their body and to boost their performance in their chosen field of sport. Whether you are a Bowler, basketball, tennis, or soccer player, the mind body connection in yoga is a crucial component in producing peak performance.
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By Mehmood, 24 Jun 09

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