Mr. Coffee ECM21

25th May 2012 (

This is the perfect choice for those who love brewed coffee, lattes, espresso and more because it comes with 1500 watts of power and has a milk frother.

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23th April 2012 (

Dacor ER30GSCHLPH 30" Pro-Style Gas Range With Illumina Burner Controls, 4 Sealed Burners, 4.04 cu. ft. Manual Clean Convection Oven & High Altitude Liquid Propane.

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Butterfly Desire Mixer Grinder

15th March 2012 (

This Mixer Grinder comes with stunning looks and amazing performance. Jar Configuration:1.75 litre S.S Jar, Jar, 1.5 litre Super Extractor Jar,

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21th February 2012 (

Material of Body: Aluminium alloy Material of Handle: High Strong PP.Surface is slippery, esay to clean Diameter: (18-32cm optional)

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Magimix 11650 Slicer

21th February 2012 (

With 130 rotations per minute, the all-metal Magimix 11650 slicer cuts up cooked meats, salami, sausages, bread or cheese accurately and speedily.

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Kitchen Cure Success

9th January 2012 (

Our Kitchen Cure just wrapped up its final week, and we hope all of you who participated are luxuriating and feeling victorious in your freshly clean,

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Astracast Kitchen Sink

21th October 2011 (

High quality British-made Fireclay Ceramic, single bowl, white Belfast Sink. Incorporating a classically styled 'weir' overflow and thick bowl walls.

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Judge Hand Blender

30th September 2011 (

This powerful 200w blender is ideal for blending soups and sauces in minutes. The unit detaches for dishwasher cleaning and the blender features dual speeds.

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Breville IKJ486 Stainless Steel Kettle

Boil dry protection - automatically switches off when the kettle is empty.

Buy Breville IKJ486 Brushed Stainless Steel Kettle »

Nonstick Cookware Set

Stainless steel base fully encapsulates an aluminum core for fast, even heating.

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The Best Kitchen Island Designs

27th May 2011 (

kitchen islands have become a very popular kitchen design feature. Depending on the size that can fit in a kitchen, islands are the perfect way of combining usability with design aspects.

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How to Design a Kitchen Pantry

26th May 2011 (

A successfully organized kitchen pantry depends on the same principles as all the other areas in your home that are to be organized.

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Magma Marine Kettle 2 Grill

12th April 2011 (

Boil, fry, heat, brew, grill, simmer, stew, and bake with this handy stove/grill. The stainless steel, high-tech, radiant burner plate system allows you to place your pots and pans directly over the flame.

Buy Magma Marine Kettle 2 Original Combination Stove And Gas Grill »

Pull-Out Storage Unit

15th February 2011 (

Create extra accessible space with these 2-tier, chrome-plated steel storage baskets on ball bearing runners.

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Cheer Up Your Kitchen

23rd December 2010 (

Create a brighter vibe in the heart of your home with these tips from design guru Jonathan Adler, author of Happy Chic Accessorizing and Happy Chic Colors.

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Multi-Purpose Stockpot

Simply Calphalon makes choosing cookware a simple proposition. Everything that counts in cookware - delicious results, good looks, easy clean-up and durability

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How to Cut Kitchen Clutter

12th October 2010 (

Maximize your cabinet space by putting things you seldom use, like special vases and china, up high.

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Recycle Waste Bin

22nd September 2010 (

Pull-out, segregated Waste Bin for recycling. Easy to empty.

Buy 40Ltr Recycle Waste Bin »


Libbey Glass Wine Set

17th August 2010 (

Libbey, 6 piece, 18-1/2 oz, vina, tall, wine goblet set.

Buy Libbey Glass Wine Set »

White Rectangular Baker

Give Betty a run for her money with our medium rectangular baker. It's the ultimate brownie pan so good, your family and friends will swear those delectable bars disappeared by themselves.

Buy White Rectangular Baker »

Kitchen Faucets Single Handle

13th July 2010 (

Water saving aerator. Fits all standard sinks.

Buy Kitchen Faucets Single Handle »

Brinkmann 5 Burner

8th July 2010 (

Grill up a delicious meal using the Brinkmann 5 Burner Grill with classic styling. An expansive 896 square inches of total cooking area is ideal for grilling for a large group.

Buy Brinkmann 5 Burner »

Black One-Touch Gold BBQ

Backyard barbecues haven't changed too much, but the grills have certainly improved, like this Weber One Touch Gold Grill in Black. One-Touch cleaning system lets you move a single lever to sift ashes into the removable catch pan no hassle and no mess!

Buy Black One-Touch Gold BBQ »

Kidney Shape Lazy Susans

18th May 2010 (

For corner cabinet applications with a hinged door that does not attach to the lazy susan.

Buy Kidney Shape Lazy Susans »

White Lid Storage Rack

13th April 2010 (

Lid storage rack 4-3/4 inch x 13 inch x 5-3/4 inch finish=white pe

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Golden Corn VitaMix

Golden Corn VitaMuffin Mix with Corn Flour, Corn Bran, whole wheat & organic sugar. Natural corn muffin mix is 100 calories, 0.5g fat, 6g fiber & 4g protein.

Buy Golden Corn VitaMix »

Supreme Bread Machine

This is truly the supreme bread machine! The Zojirushi offers advanced options for your bread baking.

Buy Supreme Bread Machine »

Taste of Home Desserts

EXCLUSIVE! From delectable candies and confections to tender cakes and frosty treats, you'll find every kind of mouth-watering meal ender in Taste of Home Desserts!. Hardcover, 112 pages, color photos. 8-3/8" x 11-1/8".

Buy Taste of Home Desserts »


How Mug Warmers Work

22nd February 2010 (

When it's so easy to get distracted during a busy day, with work, chores and errands all jockeying for our attention, it's more than likely we sometimes upset some of the simpler pleasures in life.

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Mushroom Burgers With Almonds and Spinach

15th January 2010 (

These delicious vegetarian patties have a great texture because of the almonds and bulgur. Like other vegetarian patties, they can be a little tricky to turn when you brown them. If they break apart, just patch them together.

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Peanut Cooking Oil

11th January 2010 (

Peanut cooking oil or groundnut oil is an organic material oil extracted from peanuts which is scientifically named Arachis hypogaea. Pale yellow, golden in color, this viscous oil has a nutty aroma and taste, however, is not overpowering.

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How to Give Your Kitchen a French Bistro Theme

1st December 2009 (

French decor can be found in almost any department store today, so pick up a few key pieces and transform your kitchen into the sophisticated, yet fun space it always wanted to be.

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MultiBran VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops)

1 Dozen Fresh-baked 2-oz. VitaTops made with real raisins, cinnamon, rolled oats & organic evaporated cane juice. All natural, 100 calories, low fat, cholesterol free muffin tops with soy & oat bran and 15 vitamins & minerals.

Buy MultiBran VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops) »

InSinkErator Evolution EXCEL

1 HP Continuous Feed Waste Disposer with 1725 RPM Dura-Drive Induction Motor, SoundSeal Plus, MultiGrind Plus, Jam-Sensor Circuit, Auto-Reverse, Stainless Steel Chamber and 7-Year In-Home Service Warranty

Buy InSinkErator Evolution EXCEL »

Whirlpool Gold GT4175SP[S]

9th September 2009 (

This 1.7-cubic-foot, 1,200-watt large countertop Whirlpool microwave has sensor and auto-defrost features and touchpad controls.

Buy Whirlpool Gold GT4175SP[S] »

Banana Fudge VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops)

This pack contains 12 - All Natural 2 oz. Banana Fudge VitaTops with real cocoa, chocolate chips, banana puree & organic evaporated cane juice. Each muffin top contains 100 calories, 2g fat, 5g fiber & 4g protein.

Buy Banana Fudge VitaTops (12 Muffin Tops) »

Single Electric Fan Oven with Grill

28 July 2009 (

  • Manufacturer : Beko
  • Built-in fan oven
  • Double glazed door, with removable inner door glass for easy cleaning
  • 2 full width shelves, one grill pan, rack and handle

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The Silver Sampler

Special Introductory Offer:4 Bags (2 pounds) of our fresh-roasted coffee, a new "first in, first out" silver canister, stainless steel scoop, and 12 pack of biscotti for a low price of only $19.95 and FREE shipping.

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Tart Sampler

6 Flavors - 12 Slices - 9.5

Buy Tart Sampler»

Grilletto BBQ, a portable barbeque grill

28 May 2009 (

Summer isn’t only the season when all insects of the world start enjoying life as much as they can and are keen on making out lives the worst nightmare ever, because there are many things summer is about besides the endless fights with the little nasty creatures. Summer is also about spending time with friends and family in open air and socializing as much as we possibly can. And the idea of a barbeque in the backyard is just what the doctor ordered for this time of year. But I know. Everything’s great until you have to deal with the mess and do the huge amount of cleaning that you’d rather not do. However, it seems that you still have another chance and your chance is called Grilletto BBQ, which a portable barbeque grill that is able to work wonders. I’m serious, you guys! The grill does two magic tricks: first of all it cooks, just like any other similar grill, and it cleans itself when the mission is accomplished.

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Slice of portability: Toast your bread on the go

8 May 2009 (

We've covered silly-slash-interesting concepts before, but I'm not really clear on how I should feel about this handheld portable toaster by Korean designer Been Kim. You apparently run it over your bread like a fancy butter knife and it toasts that side in your hand. An LCD readout on the back gradually tells you just how toasty your toast is getting.

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Why does water from the bathroom faucet seem colder than water from the kitchen faucet?

29th April 2009 (

Julius Ballanco, Editorial Director for PM Engineer magazine, is a registered professional engineer and recognized national plumbing expert. He offers the following explanation:
Your question regarding the quality of water between a kitchen faucet and a lavatory faucet has been one of those mysteries that has been analyzed quite thoroughly. Faucet manufacturers have spent millions of dollars researching the quality of the drinking water delivered from various faucets. We now have a national consensus standard, NSF 61, that specifies what criteria the faucet must meet in delivering a given quality of water.

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The Doctor in the Kitchen

29th April 2009 (

DR. DAVID ORES pays $700 a month for an apartment in a low-income housing complex on Avenue B on the Lower East Side, owns two Harleys and has on his left arm a tattoo of a naked woman wearing a pink cowboy hat. Dr. Ores is also a physician who runs a nonprofit health care cooperative for city restaurant workers that he sees as a model for how national health care could work. The undertaking, which he began last summer, is particularly timely as President Obama contemplates an overhaul of the nation’s health insurance system.

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Plastic Containers Buying Guide

28th April 2009 (


are classified by their "resin identification code"—a number from #1 to #7 that represents a different type of resin. That number is usually imprinted on the bottom of your container; flip it upside down, and you'll see a recycling triangle with the number in the middle.
Here's a quick breakdown of plastic resin types:
#1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) Examples: Disposable soft drink and water bottles

#2 high density polyethylene (HDPE)/ Examples: Milk jugs, liquid detergent bottles, shampoo bottles

#3 polyvinyl chloride (V or PVC) Examples: Meat wrap, cooking oil bottles, plumbing pipes

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Kitchen Safety with Small Children In The Home

17 March 2009 (


safety should be a concern for everyone, but if you have young children in the home, then guaranteeing a

safer kitchen environment

for your little ones requires thorough preparation to ward off preventable accidents. Of all the rooms in your home, the


poses the greatest danger to very young children. Though attentive supervision is the single best way to safeguard your child from harm in the


, you can make your

kitchen a safer environment

for those times when a child’s curiosity gets the best of them.

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Philips Senseo

Philips Senseo ... Warmer: No / Automatic Cleaning Program: No / Cappuccino steam dispenser: No
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By Kristina, 08 Jun 10

How to Clean an Oven

Well, you might have heard a lot about baking soda being used for household cleaning purpose. If you are wondering how to clean an oven with baking soda, then here's the procedure. Take baking soda in a bowl, add water to it to form a thin paste. Now, apply this paste inside the oven and over the door using a soft cloth. Leave this overnight. Now scrub it using a scourer, you can use a bit of water to help scrubbing. You can use a wallpaper scraper for scrubbing to remove the tough stains. Finish cleaning with clean damp sponge.
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By Hellen, 04 Feb 10

History of the Popcorn Maker

Do you ever wonder where some of the world's most popular munchies come from right before they are topped with salt and butter? Indeed, the making of good popcorn, apart from the toppings of luscious butter and creamy caramel, is mainly dependent on the device that makes it - the popcorn machine.

The very first popcorn popper came from Peru's northern coast, dating back to 300 A. D. - the era of the pre-Incan culture. It was a shallow apparatus that was open on top with a single handle that was held when the device was placed above an open fire. Today's popcorn poppers bear little resemblance to those created in the past. The advancement of these poppers has evolved over timing from building these devices out of thin sheets of aluminum to thick pieces of steel. Nowadays, one can find popcorn in many places such as malls, cinemas and fairs.
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By Kirston, 02 Feb 10

Small Kitchen Design Tips

Small kitchen design can be challenging but one of the first things use should think of when designing a small space to make sure that you have enough storage as well Is room to move around when preparing meals.

Depending on how your kitchen is situated, you might consider adding a small kitchen island which will give you extra counter space is well at storage space. But if the space you have for the kitchen is too small to include an island you might be best going with a galley style design which has cabinets lined on either side of the kitchen aisle.
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By Behram, 17 Jul 09

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