Billion - BiPAC 7404VGO

25th January 2012 (

There are lots of good reasons for buying a Billion BiPAC 7404VGO, which turns out to have a lot more to offer than your average Internet router.

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Iogear - GCS1734

6th July 2011 (

Share your monitor with four computers with the Iogear Iogear - GCS1734 - 4-Port USB/PS2/Audio/Periph Share Switch Kit with Cables!

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Internet Security 2010

NEW! Panda Internet Security 2010 is a security suite that lets you use the Internet with complete peace of mind. It protects you from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats.

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Get Internet Security 9.0 now!

AVG Internet Security 9.0 now contains an extra layer of security to protect you from identity theft as well as new and unknown malware.

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Trend Micro Internet Security

Auto-Renew is a service provided by Trend Micro and Digital River (Trend Micro's e-commerce reseller). This service is designed to save you time, effort, and risk by extending your subscription automatically before it expires. You will receive at least one email to remind you before Auto-Renewing your subscription.

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Future of the Web: Location, Location, Location

1 July 2009 (

When Sam Altman visits New York, he's never alone for very long. Altman is the 24-year-old CEO of Loopt, a company that makes a "location-aware" app for mobile phones that tracks where all of your friends are and what they're doing. "I'll pull it out on the ride in from the airport, and before I've even gotten to the city I'll have figured out who's nearby me, and we'll be making plans to get together that night," Altman told me. If he looks on his phone's map on a Saturday night, he can literally see groups forming in real time. "It's getting to the point now where if you want do something social, you have all this information about the world around you," he says. Location-based applications are quickly becoming the hot new thing on phones. Since many mobiles today most particularly the iPhone can determine their location via GPS chips (or pinging local cell towers and WiFi signals), they're spawning a whole new ecosystem of apps. There are social ones like Loopt or foursquare, which track the movement of friends as well as find-stuff tools like Yelp that locate top-rated bars and restaurants near you. According to web-research firm Compete, one in three mobile-phone owners uses location-based tools, and the number of apps has exploded from 500 to 2,500 since last October.

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Cool Search Engines That Are Not Google

1 July 2009 (

How do you find a new search engine if all you know is Google? Typing “search engine” into the usual box might lead you to Microsoft’s newly launched Bing, the combined search at Dogpile, or the former king of search, Altavista. But for those willing to dig around, searching for search engines can reveal a treasure trove: The net is rich with specialized search services, all trying to find a way to get their slice of the billions of dollars Google makes every year answering queries. For this article, we surveyed some 50 specialty search services and picked out our favorites. What follows is not a systematic ranking or review, but a general guide to a very vibrant world that few have bothered to explore in depth.

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How Safe a Bet Is Online Poker?

11 June 2009 (

The news that prosecutors have sought to freeze funds owed to online poker players prompted a question from a friend: Is my poker money safe? What came to light Tuesday was that prosecutors had asked banks to freeze accounts held by two companies, Account Services and Allied Systems, that process payments for players at some of the biggest online poker sites. The total frozen was $33 million owed to 27,000 players, according to the Poker Players Alliance, an advocacy group for online poker. It’s the latest effort by prosecutors to use indirect efforts to police offshore Internet gambling operations. Rather than going after the casinos, which are outside United States jurisdiction, they go after businesses that work with or profit from relationships with the overseas entities.

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French Court Defangs Plan to Crack Down on Internet Piracy

11 June 2009 (

PARIS — The highest constitutional body in France on Wednesday defanged the government’s plan to cut off the

Internet connections

of digital pirates, saying the authorities had no right to do so without obtaining court approval. The decision, by the Constitutional Council, which reviews legislation approved by Parliament before it goes into effect, is a major setback for the music and movie industries, which had praised the French law as a model solution to the problem of illegal file-sharing. The council rejected the core portion of the measure, under which a newly created agency, acting on the recommendations of copyright owners, would have been able to order

Internet service

providers to shut down the accounts of copyright cheats who ignored two warnings to stop.

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Facebook Offers Vanity URLs for User Profiles and Pages

10 June 2009 (

Right now, your Facebook profile’s URL ends in a decidedly inhuman string of numbers. Not so easy for anyone to remember (except search engines). Starting Friday night, the

social networking site

will allow users to pick out a profile URL that contains their real name. This will make URLs on the site much cleaner, easier to remember and (hooray) more appropriate to put on a business card. Starting at 12:01am Saturday June 13, you’ll be able to go to Facebook and claim your name on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a fairly common name and your full name is already taken, you’ll be given the option of choosing an alternate permutation, like first initial and last name, or the addition of your middle initial. User names have to be at least five characters long, and they can only contain letters, numbers or periods.

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YouTube and Universal to Create a Hub for Music

10 April 2009 (

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube, the most popular online video site, and Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, said on Thursday that they would create an online hub for music videos and related content, called Vevo. The agreement is the latest of many efforts by YouTube, which is owned by Google, to put more professionally produced content in front of its huge audience, and in turn, earn more money from advertising. Music videos of Universal’s artists will be available both on, which will be powered by YouTube’s technology, and on a Vevo channel on YouTube. The companies said they would share revenue from advertising on both sites, but declined to discuss specific terms of the agreement.

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Gmail Hits Webmail G-Spot

1 April 2009 (

2004: Google unveils Gmail. It will change webmail ... and a few other things as well. Five years ago, if we wanted to talk to somebody halfway around the world, we'd open up Outlook, Eudora or some other bulky piece of software on our desktops and type an e-mail. Most of us had webmail, which was a convenience on the road since we could access it from any computer, but it wasn't enjoyable. Web inboxes were slow and cumbersome, messy with checkboxes and radio buttons, and often so riddled with spam they had to be emptied frequently lest they reach capacity.

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Facebook's public listings are a security risk

1 April 2009 (

A new paper (pdf) by the Computer Security Group at the University of Cambridge looks at Facebook's policy of releasing a small chunk of a user's profile to the


at large. They show that, for relatively little effort, it's possible to pull up huge amounts of information about who's friends with who, who are the most heavily-connected users, and so forth - all of which is prime fodder for spammers, phishers and

internet marketers

. In fact, this is just the kind of data that many people think Facebook will need to sell to turn a profit from its massive network.

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Google to venture into start-ups

31 march 2009 (

Google is searching for "the next big thing" in technology as it announces its latest effort, Google Ventures. Its new venture capitalist arm pledged to help find and develop "exceptional start-ups", offering early stage investments to a range of new firms. Areas it will look at include

consumer internet

, software, clean tech, bio tech and healthcare. But it will also include "areas we haven't thought of yet," the partners of the new venture said.

Tough times

This is Google's effort to take advantage of our resources to support innovation and encourage promising new technology companies... we think we can find young companies with truly awesome potential and encourage their development into successful businesses," said Rich Minter and Bill Maris, managing partners of Google Ventures in a blog post. Google has not yet said how much money it plans to commit to the venture although the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it could be around $100m (£70m) over the next 12 months. Google Ventures will include entrepreneurs and investors who will work alongside the existing Google team.

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Facebook attacks gov't web-monitoring plans

25 march 2009 (

Social-networking site Facebook has criticised government suggestions that intelligence services should monitor the web communications of all UK citizens. Facebook chief privacy officer and head of global public policy Chris Kelly told ZDNet UK on Tuesday that the government proposals, which include monitoring social-networking sites, were excessive. "We think monitoring all user traffic is overkill," Kelly said. "There is legislation to allow law enforcement access to traffic data [of suspects]. We are not convinced at this time that expansion of those channels is necessary.

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China Blocks YouTube, Google Tries to Reinstate Access

25 march 2009 (

On Monday, traffic from China to YouTube began dwindling until it dried up nearly completely today, due to a site-wide block of the popular video sharing site in that country. Google says it has no idea why it's being blocked. China has demonstrated the ability to block access only to certain YouTube URLs as part of its ongoing censorship of the internet, so this site-wide ban represents a significant change in strategy.

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Facebook Marketing

13 March 2009 (

Initially built for college and university students in 2004, Facebook has since grown into a popular social networking website that is open to all.
With over 30 million members worldwide, Facebook is 7th most visited site in the United States and sees over 15 billion pageviews every month.

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Safe Internet for children

I think that there is only one way to keep the internet safe: and that's with you by his side. There are sites that offer protection for kids, but you still can't be too careful.

If you google "Kid Safe internet" there are different things that you can look at to suit your needs.

On a side note, my oldest is nine and doesn't use the computer. There is plenty of time for her to learn to use the internet as she gets older. I know the pace of technology is very high, but we still need to keep in mind the realities of life and keep them active and be able to function without it first.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Vinos, 06 Oct 10

New Ways of Link Building for SEO Services

As one of the vital components of such services, link building has also undergone a lot of changes these days. Just as a few years ago the natural shift was towards high quality content instead of routine back links, today there has been a marked change towards the high quality links instead of contents.

Main reasons for such shift are high levels of competition on the web for occupying the venerable place and the huge financial incentives that surround the links. In result few people notice high quality contents on their own any more. They are essential; but to notice them one need the active support of high quality links. Again such high quality links need not be only one or two but you require a lot of these links.
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By Polly, 04 May 10

Forums Make Money Online

One easy way to make money online, if you like to engage in conversation, is by posting on forums. A lot of webmasters with newly set up sites are engaging people to post on their forums, to give the illusion to new visitors that their sites look busy, popular and 'happening'. This because new forums have little traffic, and most people do not want to participate in discussion on new forums if there are few people on it.

In forum marketing it is essential to provide all the necessary professional information you have and most importantly communication is vital for your business success to make money online. It is through communication that you gain customers and allows you to reach other online community people. Therefore, remember to include your personal contact in creating your profile.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Hina, 15 Apr 10

An Express-Lane for the Internet

The Internet is expected to be inundated in the future with billions of gigabytes (or exabytes) of data as high-definition video and other bandwidth-busting downloads become the norm. The cost of upgrading the Internet for this so-called "exaflood" could make Web connections too expensive for most consumers. Internet service providers may be able to keep prices down by opening up an express-lane for large data hauls.

To reserve a spot on this express lane, users would send a request over the normal Internet. The most that someone would have to wait is a few seconds before data will start flowing. That's plenty fast for most people, but some users will be willing to pay extra to jump ahead in the queue.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Bruce, 17 Mar 10

Giganews as a Usenet Provider

Giganews is among the leading providers of Usenet services on the Internet. As more and more ISPs stopped offering newsgroup access as part of their standard packages, these third-party providers have taken up the challenge and have become the leading providers of Usenet access. Usenet, one of the older means of transferring files and participating in group discussions on the Internet, has been given something of a new life lately. The high speed of the connections and the availability of all manner of files have made this the best-kept secret on the Internet for many years, but Usenet is becoming better known by the minute.

Giganews offers basic and advanced packages, suitable for all levels of users. The basic packages come with less download capacity, which makes them ideal for casual users of the service. More advanced users, and those who download on a daily basis, will find more use in the unlimited packages. These packages allow the user to take advantage of the high speed conn
0/10 (0 votes)
By Margarita, 22 Feb 10

Common Types of Malware

If you have a computer and have Internet service, you have probably heard about viruses, spyware and other types of harmful software and computer problems that you might be vulnerable to. In order to truly protect your computer, you need to know about malware, what it is, and how to avoid it.

Malware is a coverall term for every type of harmful program that could harm your computer or invade your privacy. Malware (combining the phrase "malicious software") comes in several forms:

*Computer viruses*
Although the proper definition of a virus is only those programs that replicate themselves after entering your computer (like a flu virus-hence the name), "computer virus" is typically used to describe all front door viruses. The characteristic "front door" describes how it enters the computer. The software clearly contains malicious code that can be detected with an antivirus scanner.
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By Nanny, 03 Feb 10

Domain Name Registration - Key Tips For New Online Businesses

Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise. A well-chosen domain name registration can set you up for success with your new site in so many ways, the most prominent of these being increased search engine traffic. Here's some vital elements to consider when executing your domain name registration.
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By Nathan, 11 Jan 10

Using Affiliates to Increase Online Sales

There are many ways in which you can add sales to your online efforts. One of the most effective ways is by implementing affiliate marketing. If you have a product or service to sell, then using affiliates to help can result in more sales for your online business and more.
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By Danish, 20 Jul 09

Internet Marketing Training Made Easy

Internet Marketing training will only work if it comes from an internet marketing expert.
A recent internet marketing interview reveals an incredibly honest and informative 'no frills' guide to becoming an internet marketing expert. Reading these guides is essential if you aim to develop practical skills and knowledge to turn you into an internet marketing expert.
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By Hussain, 30 Jun 09

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