Braun 8585 Shaver

16th May 2012 (

The Braun 8585 is fully featured to give you a smoother, more comfortable shave. The unique 4 way moving head made of new platinum coated foil captures even more hairs in fewer strokes for ultimate closeness,

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Professional Hair Dryer

19th April 2012 (

Minalon 1300 is designed for professional Hair Beauty salon , strongest air power , quickly in working ,Rear Switch , easy for both right and left hand.

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8th March 2012 (

How brilliant is this? Cutlery and chopsticks in one! Surprise your guests with your oriental cuisine, and don´t worry, this is a cookware perfect for beginners who have not yet learned to master their chopsticks.


Showerdrape Bathroom Opal Bath Mats

30th September 2011 (

Showerdrape bathroom accessories are designed with the needs of the more discerning customer in mind. They are not only designed to meet specific needs, but to look fantastic too.

Buy Showerdrape Bathroom Opal Bath Mats »

Dust Right™ Floor Sweep System

11th August 2011 (

Leave shop floors spotless with this innovative 3-piece system. One end of the included Dust Right™ Handle attaches directly to standard 4" hose

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LCD Multifunction Voltage Tester

7th July 2011 (

Voltage, Continuity and Phase Tester with Flashlight and backlit digital Display with bargraph.

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Oster 3125 Tall Can Opener

6th July 2011 (

Even tall cans are no match for the Oster 3125 Tall Can Opener, with a Power Pierce stainless steel cutting mechanism, hands-free operation and a fully automatic shut off for safety.

Buy Oster 3125 Tall Can Opener »

Braiden Mini Chandelier

Progress offers a wide selection of lighting fixtures exhibiting high standards of quality and innovation for the home.

Buy Braiden Mini Chandelier »

Gardner Bender Receptacle Tester

5th January 2011 (

Tests standard receptacles and extension cords to ensure proper wiring. Neon indicators give positive indication of circuit status.

Buy Gardner Bender GRT-3500 Receptacle Tester »

Embry Table

22nd December 2010 (

If you were trying to assemble this yourself without any directions, it could make you crazy. The supports wouldn't appear to line up like they're supposed to. And that's the beauty of this table.

Buy Embry Table »

Agatha Sofa

2nd December 2010 (

One of the drawbacks of a traditional sofa is that it's made with a "feet on the floor" design mentality in mind.

Buy Agatha Sofa »

Truro Electric Fireplace Suite

The Truro Electric Fireplace Suite is perfect for todays modern home, offering a warm centrepiece to your living space.

Buy Truro Electric Fireplace Suite »

Rubbermaid Storage Containers

17th August 2010 (

Through handles for easy carrying. See-through clarity for easy identification of contents. Snap-on lid attaches securely. Stackable and nestable to save space.

Buy Rubbermaid Storage Containers »

Beta classic Basin Taps

Solid brass body, Suitable for all water systems.

Buy Beta classic Basin Taps »

Elmer's 5Oz Clr School Glue

13th July 2010 (

Elmer's, 5 oz, washable school glue, new clear formula, easy to squeeze, all purpose certified safe and non-toxic.

Buy Elmer's 5Oz Clr School Glue »

Matilda-bedroom stool

8th July 2010 (

Matilda did a lot of waltzing recently. And why wouldn't she' She had the pleasure of getting ready for her audition for Dancing with the Stars. There she sat. Primping for the big evening, dressed in her finest ballroom gown with its daring slit up the side.

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Petro Folding Table

2nd July 2010 (

If you throw really good parties then you know that space is at a premium, especially table space. There just never seems to be enough room to hold all of the food and beverages.

Buy Petro Folding Table »

Troy 36In Stl Balcony Table

4th May 2010 (

Troy collection outdoor furniture steel 36 inch square balcony table.

Buy Troy 36In Stl Balcony Table »

Northcoast Cabinet Pull

13th April 2010 (

5 inch by 3/4 inch overall, 3 inch hole center, 1 inch projection. 100 percent lead free pewter with brass finding.

Buy Northcoast Cabinet Pull »

Adirondack Collection

Classic Adirondack comfort and style in your choice of six great colors. The chair folds for storage or easy transport. Crafted of cedar it's naturally resistant to the elements, remains cool and ages beautifully.

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Moen Salora

This Salora Collection pull-out spray kitchen faucet adds contemporary sophistication to your kitchen. The Salora combines form and function while blending in with any décor.

Buy Moen Salora »

Omnia 9163/303

Details & Dimensions:
- 1-3/16" Classic Knob
- 5/8" Projection
- Single Hole Spacing

Buy Omnia 9163/303 »

Bubba Keg® Patio Cooler

8th March 2010 (

- 55 quart
- Decorative Bubba Keg patio cooler
- Double wall insulated
- Bubba tough construction

Buy Bubba Keg® Patio Cooler »

Zurich White Vanity Mirror

18th February 2010 (

With a rustic French style, the chic Zurich White range features some superbly functional pieces with understated elegance. With an upliftingly light painted finish, this collection combines chunky shapes with carved adornments for a robust look with an exquisite attention to detail.

Buy Zurich White Vanity Mirror »


Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds

As with all Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds, Celebrity® blinds come standard with the exclusive “bounce-back” slats which stand up to the roughest treatment, and the Dust Shield finish, which helps protect your blinds from dust build-up

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Werner® Fiberglass Stepladder

28th January 2010 (

Type IAA
375 Lb. Load Capacity
Special duty/professional use

Buy Werner® Fiberglass Stepladder »

Wayne Dalton® I-Drive

28th January 2010 (

Includes: wireless 5 function wall station, (2) key chain visor remotes, wireless security light, infrared safety sensors   wireless keyless entry pad

Buy Wayne Dalton® I-Drive »

Dakota Mini Quilt Set

This quilt is hand-pieced, one-of-a-kind and finished with great attention to detail.

Buy Dakota Mini Quilt Set »

Inner Spring Mattress in a Box

1st December 2009 (

- More coils for ortho comfort
- Border wire prevents sagging at the edges
- Corner coils for extra thick guage to add more strength on all corners

Buy Inner Spring Mattress »

Touchless Trashcan

19th November 2009 (

This 100% touch-free trash can creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking or playing with your children. It also helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of certain illnesses and infections. Because the trash can turns an ordinary chore into something fun, your kids will enjoy throwing the trash away for you.

Buy Touchless Trashcan »

Briggs & Stratton® 5550 Watt Portable Generator (030241)

10th September 2009 (

Product Details
  • 5550Watt 8550 starting watt
  • 10HP Briggs and Stratton Elite series OHV engine
  • Dura bore cast iron cylinder sleeve
  • Power surge alternator
  • Super silencer muffler
  • 13 hour run time at 1/2 load
Buy Briggs & Stratton® 5550 Watt Portable Generator (030241) »

Haus WM-1050S Silver Washing Machine

  • Energy rating A.
  • Washing performance B.
  • Spinning performance C.
  • Maximum spin speed 1000rpm.
  • Maximum washing capacity 5kg.
  • Variable washing temperature.
  • Cold water fill.

Buy Haus WM-1050S Silver Washing Machine »

Prefab green homes get affordable

22 July 2009 (

It looks like a house you'd order from Ikea. It sounds like a house designed by Apple. The I-House just might be the future — well, one future, anyway — of the housing market.

Read Article on Prefab green homes get affordable »

'Smart' house texts you if there's a problem

13 June 2009 (

IT MAY look low-tech, but this smart doll's house could one day change the way we live, its inventors claim. Part of a project called InterHome, it is designed to test and demonstrate how much greener and secure our homes could be if they incorporated intelligent technologies that adapt to our daily routine. And it's easier to chop and change those technologies on a small scale until the researchers get it right.

Read Article on 'Smart' house texts you if there's a problem »

Budget bathroom makeover

24 June 2009 (

I knew my bathroom remodel would definitely be dictated by a budget, so imported Italian tiles and custom-made cabinets were distant dreams. After saving for a while and meeting with my contractor to create a feasible plan, I settled on a $3,500 remodeling budget.

Read Article on Budget bathroom makeover»

Is your home's value down?

24 June 2009 (

To view homes for sale in the area

Read Article on Is your home's value down? »

Rents rise as house prices fall

25 May 2009 (

It is a golden summer evening in a leafy suburb of North London. Vishaal Shah is standing on his first floor balcony, looking out at a row of horse chestnut trees in full bloom, and the sun sinking behind them.

Read Article on Rents rise as house prices fall»

Last Stand of the Millionaire District

10 April 2009 (

THE Landmarks Preservation Commission is now considering the imposing John Peirce house at 11 East 51st Street for landmark status. The severe granite town house is part of a grand design for a block of mansions, of which only fragments remain.

Read Article on Last Stand of the Millionaire District»

Why Are These Renters Smiling?

31 march 2009 (

WHEN Whitney Pettyjohn and her 19-year-old sister, Chelsey, moved to Brooklyn last August, the best deal they could find in their price range was a two-bedroom in Bushwick with unreliable heat, nine blocks from the Morgan Avenue stop on the L train. It cost$1,700 per month.

Read Article on Why Are These Renters Smiling? »

Being Green: 9 Ecofriendly Household Tips

27 march 2009 (

Did you know... considering how much water is required to grow, transport and process coffee, more than 36 gallons are needed to make one cuppa joe? Also, the carbon dioxide emissions from powering 15 computers are equivalent to those produced by one car.

Read Article on Being Green: 9 Ecofriendly Household Tips »

Home Office reveals early ID vendors

25 march 2009 (

The Home Office has listed 3M and nCipher as providers to the early stage of the National Identity Scheme. Home secretary Jacqui Smith said that, as well as Thales's £18m contract for development of technology and processes — which was publicised last year — nCipher will be paid about £1.3m for a contract to provide "public key infrastructure and security related work". nCipher, formerly a UK-based security firm, is now a part of Thales, having been bought in October 2008. The other vendors are 3M SP&SL, which will receive about £700,000, plus a fee for each card, to design and produce the cards, issued initially to staff at two airports later this year. Secure Mail Services has a deal to deliver the cards under which it will be paid per item.

Read Article on Home Office reveals early ID vendors»

3 Bedroom house For Sale in Woking London

20 march 2009 (

Three bedroom house in Woking, very close to Woking town centre and train station. The property currently consists of:

3 Bedrooms

2 Reception Rooms

2 Bathrooms



4 parking spaces

For more information on 3 Bedroom house For Sale»
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Rubbermaid Storage Containers

The latch-on lids are easy to remove, but stay fastened when they're supposed to. Best storage bins I've found.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Martin, 03 Nov 10

How to Recycle Household Items

Many people think recycling means having items shipped off to a plant where they're melted down and made into something else. However, the easiest kind of recycling is reusing or re-purposing everyday household items. Instead of throwing unwanted goods into the trashcan, consider other ways to get rid of them like donating, selling or using them for a different purpose. Recycling household items is a great way to save money and help the environment.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Michaley, 11 Sep 09

Directions for cleaning and filling lamps

A bright light comes from clean burners that allow a good draught. This means constant care on the part of the one who looks after the lamps. In the daily cleaning, first dust the chimney shade and the body of the lamp. Wash the chimney. If sooty, clean with a newspaper before washing. Next, turn the wick high enough to show all the charred part; cut this off, making it perfectly even, then rub with a piece of soft paper. Wipe the burner and any other part of the lamp that may be oily. Dry with another cloth. Fill the body of the lamp with oil to within an inch of the fop. leaving plenty of room for the gas that may be generated from the kerosene, as this gas, in a lamp that has been used many times without refilling, may be a source of danger.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Yatchy, 19 Aug 09

How to Recycle Household Items

Every time your going to throw something away, look and see can it be used for something else. Old socks, shirts, plastic grocery bags, trash bags, coffee and juice containers, butter tubs, and cardboard boxes can all be recycled. Almost anything in your home can be put to simple and tasteful uses.

Examples are :Empty coffee cans or jars can be used for sugar, flour, cookies, or candy and plant holders. Juice containers can be re-used for other liquids, such as Kool-Aide, iced tea etc. Plastic Shopping bags can be re-used for trash bags in small trash cans, they can be cut in half and wrapped around food items. You can use them as sandwich bags, freezer bags, you can cover cans of open food with them. This helps save on aluminum foil also you don't have to change the trash can liner every time you empty it. Usually bathroom and office trash is not messy or smelly, so just dump it in the trash that's going out and save a bag.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Phillip, 29 Jul 09

Prevention Of Pests

Household pests are annoying, dangerous to health, and destructive to property. They carry disease germs from one person to another and from the lower animals to human beings. Absolute cleanliness is essential, if the house is to be kept free from pests. As a rule, they flourish in dark, damp, dirty places. With proper care the house-keeper can keep her house free from them and, if they are noticed, she should know how to exterminate them.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Thomson, 28 Jul 09

Care Of The Bedroom

As soon as one is dressed in the morning, the windows in the bed-room should he opened wide to air the room thoroughly, and the bed-clothes should he removed and put on chairs before the window to air. The night clothing should also he aired. The slops should he emptied, and the chamber should he washed with cold water, using a special cloth. The basin should he washed in warm, soapy water, which should then be poured into the chamber and used for washing it. The toilet articles should he washed, then the basin rinsed and wiped dry. The slop jar should he washed out. thoroughly', and both the slop jar and the chamber should he cleaned frequently with chloride of lime or some other disinfectant.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Taha, 02 Jul 09

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