Floating Pond Fountain

25th May 2012 (cleanairgardening.com)

A fountain can really spruce up the look to a water garden or pond. Not only can the sound of the water running be relaxing and relieve stress, but the aesthetic beauty of a fountain in a water garden is unmatched by any other item or accessory that one can couple with nature.

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Sun SharperBlade Electric

23th April 2012 (garden.com)

The SharperBlade SB600E Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger is for homeowners and professionals who are dissatisfied with the hassles of traditional string trimmers. It features a maintenance-free blade that lets you trim weeds and edge lawn without stopping.

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Lanterns Japanese Garden

20th January 2012 (aboutgarden.info)

For thousands of years, Japanese Garden have defined the culture and traditions of the country. Japanese garden has always paid its citizens and tourists with a sense of calm with its design and art.

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Periwinkles for the Garden

26th May 2011 (davesgarden.com)

Periwinkle or creeping mrytle (Vinca minor) is one of the few groundcovers that can tolerate full sun to full shade. However, periwinkle selections can have flowers that range from white, blue to purple in single or double flowers.

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Copper Kettle Fountain

2nd December 2010 (hardwareandtools.com)

Lightweight, portable self-contained design with a decorative sun motif. Easy to assemble and ready to use in minutes. Durable, watertight rotational molded polyethylene construction.

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Topmost 10In Trowel

16th November 2010 (hardwareandtools.com)

Powder coated with plastic handle.

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John Deere X304

16th August 2010 (consumersearch.com)

The 42-inch John Deere X304 lawn tractor has better build quality than the entry-level John Deere LA series, and it is rated for mowing a larger area. Reviews praise the four-wheel steering and 15-inch turning radius, which make it easy to mow around trees and other obstacles.

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Electric Lawn Edger

8th July 2010 (homedepot.com)

Make edging easy with the BLACK & DECKER electric lawn edger. The powerful 11-Amp edger includes an exclusive pull-up edge guide that converts the tool from an edger to a landscape trencher in seconds.

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Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Rotary Mower

The Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Rotary Mower is ideal for efficient grass cutting. Unique grass combs for cutting right up or over lawn edges.

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Baby Tears Plant

15th April 2010 (howstuffworks.com)

Baby tears plant is a mosslike, creeping plant composed of threadlike stems with tiny, kidney-shaped, apple-green leaves. It attractively drapes itself over the side of the pot or, if pinched, makes a perfect mound of foliage.

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Cactus gardens

18th February 2010 (flowers-and-garden.com)

To create miniature cactus gardens you need a porous potting mix, suitable heavy containers and either heavy gloves or some sort of tool to handle the prickly cactus.

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What Kind of Water Filter is Best for Your Pond

14th January 2009 (articlesbase.com)

Filtering is crucial to any water feature in your garden. Wondering what kind of water filtering system you need for your pond? Gord Nickel discusses water filter installation options to help you discover which filter is the best match for your pond.

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CobraCo Horse Trough Planter

10th November 2009 (garden.com)

Decorate your porch or patio with flowers in the Horse Trough Planter!

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Hedge trimmers: Safer, powerful electrics

9th September 2009 (consumerreports.org)

The top gasoline-powered hedge trimmers are still fastest at buzzing through thick, dense shrubs. But this year's best plug-in trimmers perform nearly as well, cost far less, and offer more safety features.

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Why Mulch in Winter?

27 August 2009 (about.com)

The main idea behind winter mulching is to keep the ground frozen by shielding it from the warmth of the sun.

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A Verdant Spot Springs Forth From Concrete

7 August 2009 (nytimes.com)

BEAUTY is more powerful when it's unexpected. Like the


on Union Street, right by the drawbridge to the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, where shuttered warehouses meet the cracked, treeless cement.

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Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator

The incredibly powerful but lightweight Mantis Electric Tiller tills even the hardest of soils. It's 21 pounds of pure performance.

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Campania Water Fountain

28 July 2009 (secretgardenshop.com)

Product No.: FT-008
Price: $845.00

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How to Build a "Greener" Backyard Garden

15 July 2009 (scientificamerican.com)

Most commercial farms concentrate on growing a few select crops to supply a wide variety of customers, but


at home is a different story entirely. Most backyard food gardeners are looking to augment their family’s diet with a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs throughout the growing season. For those of us who face time and space constraints in our gardening endeavors, combining crops within the same planting areas makes a lot of sense. Such techniques are particularly well-suited to

organic gardens

where chemical fertilizers and pesticides aren’t used to artificially boost crop productivity.

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Japanese Red Maple

Add an element of ancient elegance to your landscape with Japanese Red Maples. These gorgeous ornamental trees provide graceful silhouettes with finely textured foliage and intense red color.

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Gardener’s Gold Premium Compost

Only from Gardens Alive! If you're an

organic gardener

, you probably already know that enriching your soil with compost is one of the very best things you can do for your


. Problem is, producing enough of that "brown gold" can be tough. Many


supplement their homemade supply with bagged compost from the local garden center, not knowing exactly what's inside those bags.

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Japanese Red Maple

'The most satisfying thing I have ever done'

28th April 2009 (guardian.co.uk)

Why do people become obsessed with growing vegetables? It's not exactly high-octane. It won't make you rich or boost your social status. But millions who can afford to buy their food devote every free moment to the kind of labour our ancestors were glad to abandon. I think it is because the results are tangible. In much of the rest of our lives, we work our butts off without discovering whether it makes any difference. But in this case you can see and taste what you've done. You can admire the work of your own hands, and this is the greatest satisfaction that any task can give you.

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Homebase - Gardening

Threat over mental health garden

28th April 2009 (bbc.co.uk)

A gardening project on the outskirts of Aberdeen which employs people with mental health problems is facing the threat of closure, it has emerged. Solstice directors said Aberdeen City Council's refusal to formally agree to use the nurseries for work placements has jeopardised the project's future. Aberdeenshire Council has already agreed to subsidise placements. But the project has said it can no longer afford to take referrals from the city council free of charge.

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Plants For Gardening

Special Offers In Gardening

Plan Bee: As Honeybees Die Out, Will Other Species Take Their Place?

1 April 2009 (sciam.com)

Honeybees have been dying in record numbers in the U.S. for at least the past two years. Experts attribute the mass deaths to a catchall condition known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), although both a cure and the culprit remain elusive. Despite as much as a 35 percent loss of bees per year, we remain almost entirely dependent on what until recently was a self-renewing annual population of billions of honeybees to pollinate over 130 kinds of fruit and nut crops.

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Easy Organic Lawn Care

17 March 2009 (thegreenguide.com)

How to take care of your lawn which not only benefits you but also the environment around you. When my husband and I exchanged two decades of urban existence for suburban life, I didn't know a rhododendron from a Rototiller. We did know that we wanted to forgo the "weed 'n' feed" approach to lawn care. To our pleasant surprise, organic yard care is simple once you go through the steps of disconnecting your lawn from its chemical life-support system.

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Gardener’s Gold Premium Compost

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How to Plant Ninebark

Physocarpus, more commonly referred to as ninebark, is a fast growing shrub that usually reaches 5 to 6 feet in height and 4 to 5 feet in width. It appeals to many gardeners and landscapers because...
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By Alax, 20 Jan 10

How to Plant Gladioli Bulbs

Gladioli, or gladiolus flowers, are tender summer blooming bulbs that are planted in the spring after the last frost. They are then dug up in the fall and stored indoors until springtime again.
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By Nicholas, 20 Jan 10

How to Protect Garden and Landscape When Texas Stays Cold

Winter means colder weather for all of Texas even including the Gulf Coast. However, except for the Panhandle and High Plains areas, the duration of below freezing temperatures is usually measured in hours rather than days. Occasionally though an arctic cold from grabs the State and hangs around for days.

When plants with high water content in their leaves are subjected to sustained temperatures below 32 degrees, water in and around the cells freezes and forms ice crystals. The sharp crystals cause ruptures in the cells' membranes leading to death. Initially after freeze damage, the leaves are soft and appear mushy. Later the leaves turn black and the affected area dies.

Read more at Suite101: Garden Protection in Extreme Cold Weather: How to Protect Garden and Landscape When Texas Stays Cold http://plantsbulbs.suite101.com/article.cfm/garden_protection_in_extreme_cold_weather#ixzz0c21ZHBQN
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By Barbara, 08 Jan 10

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