Treat diabetes naturally

29th March 2012 (

Treating diabetes naturally is the practice of using Natural supplements as an addition to our diabetes medication and Insulin therapies in the hope of controlling our blood glucose levels and preventing long term complications.

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Andrew Lessman Iron Plus

7th March 2011 (

Andrew Lessman Iron Plus - 180 Capsules Andrew Lessman Iron Plus is an all natural, 100% pure amino acid chelated Iron supplement.

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Casein Protein

Low Carb Slow Digesting, Anti Catabolic Miceller Protein With Glutamine!

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6 Free VitaTop Offer

That's a value of $8.00 discounted at checkout!

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How to Battle Bloating

12th October 2010 (

Coffee, caffeinated drinks, asparagus, and celery will all help your body get rid of excess fluid and sodium.

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Lean Body RTD

Lean Body RTD contains zero sugar, 25% more protein, and 50% less fat than the leading brand of aseptic RTD. It's the hands down winner that RTD fans have been waiting for: a nutritional powerhouse with a delicious ice cream taste.

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Cereal Killers

15th April 2010 (

Pouring yourself a bowl of yummy, crunchy cereal is a fast way to fuel up in the a.m.-and research shows that people who do so also consume more produce and whole grains during the day.

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Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series

Introducing Nitro-Tech® Hardcore Pro Series, a Scientifically Advanced Musclebuilding Protein Formula. Backed by a portion of a multimillion-dollar research and development budget, the Nitro-Tech® Hardcore Pro Series formula was ingeniously formulated to build upon the muscle and strength-building properties of whey protein – making it a truly technologically advanced musclebuilding whey protein formulation!s

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Moringa Oil

17th March 2010 (

Moringa oil, is also known by the name, 'Ben oil' and it is known to be the most stable oil found in nature. The refined product of this oil is clear, odorless and does not go rancid.

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Carb Conscious Bar

Talk about the complete package! Nothing delivers higher quality protein with more sensational flavor than the amazing new Supreme Protein bar. Unwrap one of these delicious muscle-building treats and you'll be thrilled at how unbelievably good it truly is! The original Supreme Protein Carb Conscious bar is packed with premium-grade protein blend, powered by more high-quality whey isolate than any other product of its kind.

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Water Chestnuts Nutrition

4th February 2010 (

Water chestnut is a vegetable that is commonly found in a Chinese household. Although these are seasonal vegetables and are harvested at very few places in United States.

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BSN No Xplode 50 Servings

BSN No Xplode is perfect at jacking up your performance, N.O. Meta Fusion is a precise blend of vasodilators designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to working muscles, allowing for muscle expanding pumps, which are key to muscular growth.

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Mushroom Madness

19th January 2010 (

Crimini, shiitake, button, portabella, oyster - it's mushroom madness! These hearty, delicious fungi are often served in accompaniment to a main course, and are sometimes (unfortunately) passed off as a side to be left on the plate when the meal is finished. Freaked out by fungi? You shouldn't be.

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Vitamins Found to Curb Exercise Benefits

14 May 2009 (

If you exercise to improve your metabolism and prevent diabetes, you may want to avoid antioxidants like vitamins C and E. That is the message of a surprising new look at the body’s reaction to exercise, reported on Monday by researchers in Germany and Boston. Exercise is known to have many beneficial effects on health, including on the body’s sensitivity to insulin. “Get more exercise” is often among the first recommendations given by doctors to people at risk of diabetes.
But exercise makes the muscle cells metabolize glucose, by combining its carbon atoms with oxygen and extracting the energy that is released. In the process, some highly reactive oxygen molecules escape and make chemical attacks on anything in sight. These reactive oxygen compounds are known to damage the body’s tissues. The amount of oxidative damage increases with age, and according to one theory of aging it is a major cause of the body’s decline.

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Ensure Complete Balanced Nutrition Drink, Butter Pecan, 24 - 8 Fluid Ounce Bottles

24 April 2009 (

A food and beverage brand owned by Abbott Laboratories; the most well known of these products is the Ensure Shake, intended to be served as a snack or meal replacement
Price: From $44.41 to $37.75

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Casein Protein

This is the only casein protein I have used. I love this stuff because I take it before bed and I go to bed with a full stomache, and because when I wake up after taking it I feel way more awake and rejuvinated than when i don't.
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By Martin, 29 Dec 10

Benefits of a Liver Detox Diet

The goal of most liver detox methods is to deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants directly to the liver. If your liver is deficient in any of these antioxidants, which is very common due to the average American’s daily diet, its ability to fully remove absorbed toxins is reduced. Beta carotene, selenium, and vitamins C and E are all antioxidants which are known to have liver detoxifying properties. There are various liver detox options available, ranging from teas to supplement pills to diets, which can provide these crucial nutrients.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Hanry, 25 Feb 10

Vitamins in Apples

Not only vitamins, apple is also a power house of beneficial minerals and elements. It helps keeping teeth cleaner and gum stronger and it also works to lower down cholesterol. The fruit is antiviral in nature. It detoxifies the body, reduces skin disorders and helps in treating constipation and diseases such as obesity, headache, arthritis, bronchial asthma, inflammation of the bladder, gonorrhea, anemia, tuberculosis, neuritis, insomnia, catarrh, gallbladder stones, worms, halithosis and pyorrhea. Regarding the various vitamins in apples, due to which, this amazing fruit bears its medicinal properties
0/10 (0 votes)
By Allen, 18 Feb 10

Fish Oil Health Benefits - Allergies

Clinical Studies reveal that omega-3 fatty acid intake by mothers during pregnancy may protect their babies against the development of allergies.
Fish oil has been shown to protect against symptoms of hay fever, sinus infections, asthma, food allergies and allergic skin conditions such as hives and eczema.

Fish oil lowers the level of airway narrowing (which causes restriction of breathing during an asthma attack) and calms inflammation.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Mahroof, 06 Jul 09

If you exercise, be sure to increase your uptake of nutritional supplements and superfoods

Here's an important tip for those of you who are either currently engaged in an exercise program or are considering beginning one. It's a simple tip, but one that many people, unfortunately, forget. When we exercise, we use up more nutrients than if we were to avoid exercise. (Simply sweating, for example, causes a loss of minerals.) People who engage in regular exercise, therefore, need more nutritional supplementation than those who don't.
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By Maimoon, 06 Jul 09

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