Solutions For Dark Elbows

16th May 2012 (

Olive oil and coconut oil, so widely used in cosmetic products have excellent properties to soften the tough and sometimes scaly skin of the elbow area. So, either of these oils could be used regularly to soften and smoothen the skin of the area, which will in turn lead to lighter skin.

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Worst Foods for Diets

19th April 2012 (

After following about 121,000 men and women for 20 years, researchers at Harvard University published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011 that documented the foods and drinks most and least associated with gaining weight.

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Healthy Food and Lifestyle

8th March 2012 (

You just donít have to worry about your health if you make sure whatever you eat is in the appropriate amount and at the right time. Some foods are miraculous specially those that contain vitamin C they protects us from strokes and heart diseases. It even makes our skin look gorgeous.

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Hangover Remedies: What Works?

14th December 2011 (

The only way to avoid a pounding head and queasiness the morning after is to drink in moderation, or to stay away from alcohol entirely. But with all sorts of seasonal celebrations going on, it's easy to overindulge.

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Understanding the HPV Vaccine

25th October 2011 (

Vaccines don't usually make it into presidential debates; a few weeks ago, however, the Republican presidential candidates got into a heated debate over the HPV vaccine and whether it should be mandated for girls entering the 6th grade.

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Floss for fertility

7th July 2011 (

Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors.

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Ideal Protein Diet Dangers

26th May 2011 (

With the widespread notion that carbohydrates are the main cause of weight gain in people, there has been a considerable rise in low carbohydrate and high protein diet plans.

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The Fruit of Life

14th April 2011 (

Apples are more more than just a pretty fruit, they can also help you put a halt to the pound pillage. According to International Gold Gym registered dietician Tammi Flynn, there's a link between apples and fat loss.

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Winter-Proof Your Run

23rd December 2010 (

Baby, it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean you should be stuck on the treadmill. Exercising in the fresh air (even when it's nippy!) has good-for-you benefitsójust five minutes can boost your energy and mood.

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3rd December 2010 (

Including peanut butter, mixed nuts, beer nuts and peanut oil. Experts often caution those with peanut allergies to avoid tree nuts

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Nature Made Iron

4th November 2010 (

Vital For Red Blood Cell Formation.

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Foods to Boost Your Mood

12th Ocotber 2010 (

Though their findings are debated, several studies show that a lack of certain vitamins and minerals may put you at risk for depression.

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Raisin Bran VitaTops

2 Dozen 2-oz. Raisin Bran VitaTops made with real raisins, cinnamon & organic sugar. All natural cholesterol free muffin tops contain whole wheat, oat bran and 15 vitamins & minerals.

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Plea for Asians to Get Tests for Hepatitis

3rd May 2010 (

San Francisco health officials estimate that as many as 1 in 10 residents of Asian descent are infected with the virus here, a percentage that contributes to the nation's highest rate of liver cancer, an unhappy distinction for a city that prides itself on its innovative universal health plan as well as its response to past epidemics like AIDS.

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The onslaught of allergies

25th February 2010 (

Unless you suffer from hay fever, there's no reason why this relatively inconspicuous looking plant should strike fear into your heart. But if you are allergic to pollen, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, otherwise known as common ragweed, is just about as close to vegetal hell as you're going to get.

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Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries

22nd February 2010 (

Eating chocolate may lower your risk of having a stroke, according to an analysis of available research that was released February 11 and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto April 10 to April 17, 2010. Another study found that eating chocolate may lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke.

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Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?

22nd February 2010 (

Eating chocolate may lower your risk of having a stroke, according to an analysis of available research that was released February 11 and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto April 10 to April 17, 2010. Another study found that eating chocolate may lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke.

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Proclear 1-Day

Proclear 1-Day Compatibles contacts are made from a next generation, biocompatible soft contact lens material called PC Hydrogel. They provide increased moisture retention and wearing comfort.

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A great pair of high quality fashion acetate eyeglasses for women, with sleek bridge design, striking open hinges and elaborate side arms. Beautiful and original, this red hot frame will transport you right to the catwalk!

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Frame with light & thin Rx lenses, UV & Scratch coatings, and polished edges

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Eyeglass Model 0917

Looking for something a little different? Well, how about something totally original! These audacious eyeglasses are just bursting with daring and originality, all condensed in those one of a kind side arms. Get the attention you deserve with this stunning creation today!

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ACUVUE 2 Disposable contact lenses manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon).

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Detecting Alzheimer's Early

28th October 2009 (

Building upon a recent discovery that the same Alzheimer's disease process that goes on in the brain also occurs in the eye, researchers have developed a pair of optical tests that can determine the presence of amyloid beta proteins -- found in all Alzheimer's patients -- in the lens of the eye. A device called an interior laser ophthalmoscope can pick up the presence of the amyloid protein.

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Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles will protect your eyes from harsh minerals, chemicals, and harmful UV rays in pools and open water. Swimming goggles are neccessary if you wear your contact lenses in the water, because they prevent microorganisms from attaching to the surface of your lens.

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Purevision contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. Breakthrough technology, great convenience and supreme comfort have made PureVision contact lenses a preferred choice among contact lens wearers around the world.

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New cooling material keeps heat down in densely packed electronics

9 April 2009 (

Oh sure, liquid cooling rigs are all the rage, but they aren't too useful within minuscule things like netbooks, MIDs and pocket projectors. The always churning minds over at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are already on the issue, recently conjuring up a new material designed to "efficiently dissipate heat even in devices with densely packed components and that can give increasingly miniaturized electronics a longer life." Researchers at the entity's Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Materials Research have teamed with gurus from Siemens and Plansee to create the substance as part of the EU project "ExtreMat." Unfortunately, details beyond that are few and far between, but given that demonstrations have reportedly "already been produced," we'd say it's well on its way to infiltrating things far smaller than your mind can grasp.

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The five ages of the brain: Gestation

3 April 2009 (

By the time we take our first breath, the brain is already more than eight months old. It starts to develop within four weeks of conception, when one of three layers of cells in the embryo rolls up to form the neural tube. A week later the top of this tube bends over, creating the basic structure of fore, mid and hindbrain. From this point, brain growth and differentiation is controlled mainly by the genes. Even so, the key to getting the best out of your brain at this stage is to have the best prenatal environment possible. In the early weeks of development, that means having a mother who is stress-free, eats well and stays away from cigarettes, alcohol and other toxins. Towards the end of the brain-building process, when the fetus becomes able to hear and remember (see "The five ages of the brain: 2 Childhood"), sounds and sensations also begin to shape the brain.

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Six Ways to Boost Brainpower

1 April 2009 (

Amputees sometimes experience phantom limb sensations, feeling pain, itching or other impulses coming from limbs that no longer exist. Neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran worked with patients who had so-called phantom limbs, including Tom, a man who had lost one of his arms. Ramachandran discovered that if he stroked Tom’s face, Tom felt like his missing fingers were also being touched. Each part of the body is represented by a different region of the somatosensory cortex, and, as it happens, the region for the hand is adjacent to the region for the face. The neuroscientist deduced that a remarkable change had taken place in Tom’s somatosensory cortex.

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Two All Natural Breakfast Ideas.

For a few years, my kids had almost the same breakfast every morning - cheerios in soy milk, occasionally with a piece of fruit on the side. We didnít do dairy and I didnít want them to have sugar, so this seemed the best option to me at the time. They loved this breakfast.

Awhile back, I was looking for a healthier option to this breakfast. I was reading some things about soy that concerned me, especially since my kids were having it every single day - and I was also looking for ways to increase their fruit and veggie intake.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Genny, 29 Jul 09

How Fever Helps Boost a Child's Immune System

It's important for us to realize that a fever is your body attempting to kill the pathogens, which are very sensitive to temperature change. One or two degrees of increased body temperature will, in most cases, do the job. Of course, you should not allow a fever to last for any lengthy period of time because of possible brain damage. However a temperature of 102 or even 103 will not do harm for a couple of hours. Give your body the opportunity to do its job first and be prepared to contact your doctor if the fever persists or moves above 103. A fever is not necessarily a bad thing.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Nasir, 20 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Most researches aim to better life but result to killing of life (e.g an embryo in stem cell research) or outbreak of diseases, just looking at the benefits is not enough, how the research is conducted and the risks involved should be the main thought .
0/10 (0 votes)
By Jerry k, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

if the research would benefit poor people as a whole, why not?
0/10 (0 votes)
By Denver, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Class warfare is the last bastion of a scoundrel
0/10 (0 votes)
By Dawar, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Its a violation of human rights if someone is forced to do something he or she doesn't want to do
0/10 (0 votes)
By John, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Not without proper ethical oversight. They are human, too.

We'd be no better than the Nazi's who felt other aspects of humanity (race, sexuality) gave them the privilege of treating humans worse than lab animals.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Akshay, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Why not use some of the harden criminal scum that will never be returned to society?
0/10 (0 votes)
By Any, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

That about sums it up.
Most trials today happen in third world countries, where drug companies test drugs they would not be allowed to test in US or Europe.
Many people are affected for life because of being pumped with these chemicals.
Maybe they should make paying for volunteers or trial subjects illegal.
Then only the altruistic or the sick will volunteer, and drug companies will have to be more careful.
0/10 (0 votes)
By veronica, 14 Jul 09

Chasing Medical Miracles

Making payments illegal would set a very bad precedent.
For what constitutes payment? Cash obviously, but what about parking vouchers, meals for all day studies, hospital stays for longer studies, etc.?
Outlawing payments in general would strip PI's from providing at least proper compensations.
I agree using money in itself as an incentive is bad, but the issue is not just black and white.
At least in the US, Japan, and Europe, we must abide by the ICH which recognizes and attempts to address these issues.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Saba, 13 Jul 09

Benefits of Coconut Water

The clear liquid obtained from young coconuts, in its fresh form, is known as coconut water. Coconut water is one of the common beverages in tropical countries. It possesses many qualities, which make it a preferred drink. Doctors too recommend drinking coconut water to patients. Coconut water is even packaged for sale in countries like Costa Rica. The flavor of coconut water changes according to the region.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Mustafa, 24 Jun 09

Did working in a hospital give me cancer?

Plans of being a cancer specialist might change now! i do not want to die of Cancer!
0/10 (0 votes)
By Natasha, 24 Apr 09

anum's remarks

its a very informative and nicely made site with a lot of effort being put into it
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By anum fazal, 14 Mar 09

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