Solutions For Dark Elbows

16th May 2012 (

Olive oil and coconut oil, so widely used in cosmetic products have excellent properties to soften the tough and sometimes scaly skin of the elbow area. So, either of these oils could be used regularly to soften and smoothen the skin of the area, which will in turn lead to lighter skin.

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Worst Foods for Diets

19th April 2012 (

After following about 121,000 men and women for 20 years, researchers at Harvard University published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011 that documented the foods and drinks most and least associated with gaining weight.

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Healthy Food and Lifestyle

8th March 2012 (

You just don’t have to worry about your health if you make sure whatever you eat is in the appropriate amount and at the right time. Some foods are miraculous specially those that contain vitamin C they protects us from strokes and heart diseases. It even makes our skin look gorgeous.

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Hangover Remedies: What Works?

14th December 2011 (

The only way to avoid a pounding head and queasiness the morning after is to drink in moderation, or to stay away from alcohol entirely. But with all sorts of seasonal celebrations going on, it's easy to overindulge.

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Understanding the HPV Vaccine

25th October 2011 (

Vaccines don't usually make it into presidential debates; a few weeks ago, however, the Republican presidential candidates got into a heated debate over the HPV vaccine and whether it should be mandated for girls entering the 6th grade.

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Floss for fertility

7th July 2011 (

Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors.

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Ideal Protein Diet Dangers

26th May 2011 (

With the widespread notion that carbohydrates are the main cause of weight gain in people, there has been a considerable rise in low carbohydrate and high protein diet plans.

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The Fruit of Life

14th April 2011 (

Apples are more more than just a pretty fruit, they can also help you put a halt to the pound pillage. According to International Gold Gym registered dietician Tammi Flynn, there's a link between apples and fat loss.

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Winter-Proof Your Run

23rd December 2010 (

Baby, it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean you should be stuck on the treadmill. Exercising in the fresh air (even when it's nippy!) has good-for-you benefits—just five minutes can boost your energy and mood.

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3rd December 2010 (

Including peanut butter, mixed nuts, beer nuts and peanut oil. Experts often caution those with peanut allergies to avoid tree nuts

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Nature Made Iron

4th November 2010 (

Vital For Red Blood Cell Formation.

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Foods to Boost Your Mood

12th Ocotber 2010 (

Though their findings are debated, several studies show that a lack of certain vitamins and minerals may put you at risk for depression.

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Raisin Bran VitaTops

2 Dozen 2-oz. Raisin Bran VitaTops made with real raisins, cinnamon & organic sugar. All natural cholesterol free muffin tops contain whole wheat, oat bran and 15 vitamins & minerals.

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Plea for Asians to Get Tests for Hepatitis

3rd May 2010 (

San Francisco health officials estimate that as many as 1 in 10 residents of Asian descent are infected with the virus here, a percentage that contributes to the nation's highest rate of liver cancer, an unhappy distinction for a city that prides itself on its innovative universal health plan as well as its response to past epidemics like AIDS.

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The onslaught of allergies

25th February 2010 (

Unless you suffer from hay fever, there's no reason why this relatively inconspicuous looking plant should strike fear into your heart. But if you are allergic to pollen, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, otherwise known as common ragweed, is just about as close to vegetal hell as you're going to get.

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Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries

22nd February 2010 (

Eating chocolate may lower your risk of having a stroke, according to an analysis of available research that was released February 11 and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto April 10 to April 17, 2010. Another study found that eating chocolate may lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke.

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Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?

22nd February 2010 (

Eating chocolate may lower your risk of having a stroke, according to an analysis of available research that was released February 11 and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto April 10 to April 17, 2010. Another study found that eating chocolate may lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke.

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Proclear 1-Day

Proclear 1-Day Compatibles contacts are made from a next generation, biocompatible soft contact lens material called PC Hydrogel. They provide increased moisture retention and wearing comfort.

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A great pair of high quality fashion acetate eyeglasses for women, with sleek bridge design, striking open hinges and elaborate side arms. Beautiful and original, this red hot frame will transport you right to the catwalk!

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Frame with light & thin Rx lenses, UV & Scratch coatings, and polished edges

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Eyeglass Model 0917

Looking for something a little different? Well, how about something totally original! These audacious eyeglasses are just bursting with daring and originality, all condensed in those one of a kind side arms. Get the attention you deserve with this stunning creation today!

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ACUVUE 2 Disposable contact lenses manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon).

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Detecting Alzheimer's Early

28th October 2009 (

Building upon a recent discovery that the same Alzheimer's disease process that goes on in the brain also occurs in the eye, researchers have developed a pair of optical tests that can determine the presence of amyloid beta proteins -- found in all Alzheimer's patients -- in the lens of the eye. A device called an interior laser ophthalmoscope can pick up the presence of the amyloid protein.

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Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles will protect your eyes from harsh minerals, chemicals, and harmful UV rays in pools and open water. Swimming goggles are neccessary if you wear your contact lenses in the water, because they prevent microorganisms from attaching to the surface of your lens.

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Purevision contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. Breakthrough technology, great convenience and supreme comfort have made PureVision contact lenses a preferred choice among contact lens wearers around the world.

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New cooling material keeps heat down in densely packed electronics

9 April 2009 (

Oh sure, liquid cooling rigs are all the rage, but they aren't too useful within minuscule things like netbooks, MIDs and pocket projectors. The always churning minds over at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are already on the issue, recently conjuring up a new material designed to "efficiently dissipate heat even in devices with densely packed components and that can give increasingly miniaturized electronics a longer life." Researchers at the entity's Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Materials Research have teamed with gurus from Siemens and Plansee to create the substance as part of the EU project "ExtreMat." Unfortunately, details beyond that are few and far between, but given that demonstrations have reportedly "already been produced," we'd say it's well on its way to infiltrating things far smaller than your mind can grasp.

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The five ages of the brain: Gestation

3 April 2009 (

By the time we take our first breath, the brain is already more than eight months old. It starts to develop within four weeks of conception, when one of three layers of cells in the embryo rolls up to form the neural tube. A week later the top of this tube bends over, creating the basic structure of fore, mid and hindbrain. From this point, brain growth and differentiation is controlled mainly by the genes. Even so, the key to getting the best out of your brain at this stage is to have the best prenatal environment possible. In the early weeks of development, that means having a mother who is stress-free, eats well and stays away from cigarettes, alcohol and other toxins. Towards the end of the brain-building process, when the fetus becomes able to hear and remember (see "The five ages of the brain: 2 Childhood"), sounds and sensations also begin to shape the brain.

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Six Ways to Boost Brainpower

1 April 2009 (

Amputees sometimes experience phantom limb sensations, feeling pain, itching or other impulses coming from limbs that no longer exist. Neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran worked with patients who had so-called phantom limbs, including Tom, a man who had lost one of his arms. Ramachandran discovered that if he stroked Tom’s face, Tom felt like his missing fingers were also being touched. Each part of the body is represented by a different region of the somatosensory cortex, and, as it happens, the region for the hand is adjacent to the region for the face. The neuroscientist deduced that a remarkable change had taken place in Tom’s somatosensory cortex.

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Raisin Bran VitaTops

Overall, I love the fact that Vitalicious baked good contain absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives. With the low calories, you can't feel guilty after eating them.
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By Brain, 03 Nov 10

Joint Pain Causes and Easy Treatment of Joint Pain Read more:

Joint pain can be caused by wound moving any of the ligaments, bursae, or tendons nearby the joint.
Injury can also affect the ligaments, cartilage, and bones inside the joint.

The symptoms of joint pain will vary according to the cause. Symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness, and/or heat in your joints suggest joint inflammation due to an injury or an underlying condition like OA or RA. These symptom can also be due to an infection in the joint.

Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS).Th
e generally used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory dr
ugs (NSAIDs) produce prompt relief of associated p
ain and irritation and are considered comparativel
y safe.

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By John, 04 May 10

How To Prevent Boat Injuries

A boat ride is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities a person can experience. The actual ride is a thrill, the scenery a beautiful natural phenomenon. Quadruple the effect by going far off the coast and anchoring in the middle of the sea. Top it off with food, drinks, and water fun. The only drawback to the adventure is that a boat ride can be among the riskiest activities as well. With all the fun, people in the boat tend to forget the safety precautions and rules due to all the enjoyment and relaxation. This forgetfulness can lead to a wide array of injuries and even death in some cases.

Sail or drive the boat gently. A common accident that occurs in a boat ride is people falling due to sudden jerk at the start of the voyage. The throttle should be pressed gently and gradually when you initialize the departure. This will ensure that the people in the boat that are standing will keep their balance.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Mariah, 13 Apr 10

Meditation for Mind Power

Practising how to meditate and subsequently master meditation is a genuinely virtuous route to enrich your brain power, in all the particular new age methods which have come forth meditation remains probably the most successful in favour of elevating the attainments your brain might complete. Moreover it is one which has been used and tested for thousands of years, so although it is referred to being new age it is very old, the ancient Egyptians used meditation in support of varying practices whilst indeed have the natives from India and China all to notable consequence.
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By Ronaldo, 25 Feb 10

What Is An Olympic Weight Bench?

An Olympic weight bench is a popular thing for people who lift weights. Not only do people buy these benches for their home, but gyms use them for people who are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or even just tone up and stay fit. Olympic weight benches are a perfect addition to any gym and are used more than most people think.

These benches are usually used for a bench press and this is for people to work on the muscles on their arms or to get rid of flab that they may have on their arms. These benches also help to form a strong chest and for people to have defined pecs. These benches are usually the enter of a persons work out to aid them in their weight or muscle journey.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Hensy, 24 Feb 10

Dental and Vision Insurance

How concerned are you about your teeth and eyes? While you might hate coincidences and he may have never even been to an eye doctor, I'm sure you would be quite upset if you lost your vision or teeth. These are very important parts of our audience help us immensely throughout our lives. That is why you must take care of your teeth and eyes.

In order to do this, of course you need to brush and floss every day and if you can see, you might need classes. But you have to take an extra step. You should visit your dentist twice a year and get an eye checkup once a year. Even if you don't have glasses, and I checkup is necessary. You never know if your eyes will get worse and you may need glasses later on or if you have any eye conditions.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Simond, 22 Feb 10

Stopping Strokes

To prevent strokes in at-risk patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm, researchers have devised a mechanical alternative to common drug treatments. In the procedure, surgeons place a small parachute-like device near the left appendage of the heart. Once there, the device deploys and stops clots from leaving the heart and traveling to the brain. In one study, the device was about 60 percent better than the drug Warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke.
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By Nancy, 22 Feb 10

When Swine Flu Hits You, What to Do?

Health experts are reminding patients - especially those at high risk for flu-related complications - to seek medical attention at the first sign of flu. They also warn consumers taking over-the-counter medications to read warning labels and be aware of any potential side effects or drug interactions.

When it comes to treating the flu with anti-viral medications, timing is everything. "Anti-virals work best when taken within 48hours of the onset of symptoms. If you're healthy, it's reasonable to wait that first 24 hours. After that, if you have still have a fever, you should probably see a doctor," Joyal said.

Whether it's swine or seasonal flu, sufferers will likely be prescribed anti-viral medication. The most popular are Tamiflu and Relenza, the latter available in inhaler form and therefore not recommended for those with respiratory problems, Joyal said.

0/10 (0 votes)
By Natasha, 11 Jan 10

Eight Percent of Human Genetic Material Comes from a Virus

The research showed that the genomes of humans and other mammals contain DNA derived from the insertion of bornaviruses, RNA viruses whose replication and transcription takes place in the nucleus. Feschotte wrote on recent research led by Professor Keizo Tomonaga at Osaka University in Japan. Feschotte said this virally transmitted DNA may be a cause of mutation and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders.
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By Ponting, 08 Jan 10

Why AIDS propagandists cannot tolerate scientific questions

The conventional AIDS propagandists are predictably lashing out violently against Brent Leung's myth-shattering documentary. One critic, Jeanne Bergman, went so far as to accuse Leung of propagating "lies" about HIV even while she pressured to retroactively change the headline of a story the website published in 2007. That story originally reported on a study in primates that showed a sudden loss of T cells is not a trigger for AIDS.

The original headline read, "Sudden Loss Of T Cells Is Not Trigger For AIDS, New Study Suggests". But after being pressured by Bergman, ScienceDaily changed the headline (nearly two years after the original publication date) to: "Progression Of SIV Infection In Monkeys Points To Differences Between Human And Simian Forms Of AIDS."
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By Harry, 08 Jan 10

Why AIDS propagandists cannot tolerate scientific questions

The conventional AIDS propagandists are predictably lashing out violently against Brent Leung's myth-shattering documentary. One critic, Jeanne Bergman, went so far as to accuse Leung of propagating "lies" about HIV even while she pressured to retroactively change the headline of a story the website published in 2007. That story originally reported on a study in primates that showed a sudden loss of T cells is not a trigger for AIDS.

The original headline read, "Sudden Loss Of T Cells Is Not Trigger For AIDS, New Study Suggests". But after being pressured by Bergman, ScienceDaily changed the headline (nearly two years after the original publication date) to: "Progression Of SIV Infection In Monkeys Points To Differences Between Human And Simian Forms Of AIDS."
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By Harry, 08 Jan 10

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear infections are horrible and painful. They are sharp stabbing pains in the ear that can results in serious complications related to hearing if left untreated. In severe cases of ear infections, the eardrum can be ruptured.

The ear is composed of three areas. The outer ear that is visible including the auditory duct. The middle ear is formed with three small bones, hammer, anvil, and stirrup. The inner ear is the areas where sound waves change to nerve pulses to the brain as well as the labyrinth that is responsible for the sense of balance.

Some of the symptoms of an ear infection include inflammation resulting in muted sounds. The causes for the infections include water in the ear, bacteria in the middle ear entering through the nose and throat, and an inner infection transferred from the middle ear. The infections in the middle and inner ear are the most dangerous since it can result in permanent hearing loss when the infection is left untreated.
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By Simonds, 05 Oct 09

What Causes a Congested Liver?

Liver is one of the most vital organ of our body and also the most hard working body organ. The main feature related to any liver disease is tiredness.

when the liver is unable to detoxify the waste in a proper manner. When there is an excess intake or presence of toxins in the blood, the liver might not be able to function properly. Also, if the bile flow is reduced or is stopped, it might result in congestion of the liver. The reduced supply of bile can be a result of a possible stone or any severe medical condition. Such a situation can leave you feel tired because of the fact that there is an increase of toxins and waste in the blood, which will result in contaminating the body environment. This can also give way to a number of problems like those related to the skin and respiratory problems and you can also gain weight. For getting rid of this it is advised that you follow a detoxification program.
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By Austin, 05 Oct 09

Alternative To Open Heart Surgery

Interventional cardiologists created an alternative to open heart surgery by developing a mitral valve clip. To alleviate mitral valve regurgitation--a condition where the heart's mitral valve does not close properly, allowing blood to leak back into the heart--cardiologists insert a catheter into the patient's groin that travels up into the mitral valve. The clip is fed through this catheter, where it finally grasps and tightens the valves' leaflets--effectively preventing blood from leaking. The clip remains in place while the catheter is removed, the entire procedure taking approximately two hours and recovery a few weeks. The procedure is good for those with weaker hearts, when traditional surgery is more dangerous.
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By Marvin, 05 Oct 09

Why does acne occur?

There are a few simple steps occur that cause skin blemishes and acne

First, acne occurs when for some unknown reason or combination of reasons, hair follicles, also known as pores, become blocked.

One contributing factors to acne can be how your body normally rids itself of its dead skin cells and any thing that may be working against this regularity.

So such things such as climate, your environment or your overall body health at the time can contribute to acne. As well, your hormones and their effect on your own body's sebum production can contribute to acne, especially for females.

Second reason: the normal dead skin cells that combine with your body's natural sebum oil as it drains through the skin's surface become clogged in these blocked pores. This substance becomes somewhat sticky, further clogging the passageway.
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By Danny, 11 Sep 09

Side Effects of Meloxicam

Meloxicam is mainly used for treating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This drug was approved in the year 2000, and is now sold under a common brand name, Mobic. Meloxicam is available in a tablet as well as a liquid form. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved this drug for use in animals as well, mostly in dogs. Meloxicam can be taken either while eating food, or after one has completed the meal. However, as this drug is known to cause stomach pain after consumption, it is advised that this should be taken along with the meal. An overdose can lead to serious side effects of Meloxicam and hence, it is always advised to take this drug after the approval of a health care professional.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Benjumen, 09 Sep 09

What Causes Skin Cancer?

With an explosion of skin cancer cases over the past twenty years, learning about how to prevent and treat skin cancer is more important today than ever. It is estimated that one million Americans are diagnosed with some form of the disease every year. The problem is so widespread that the National Cancer Institute has stated that close to half of the population who reach the age of sixty-five, will develop at least one type of skin cancer, with fair-skinned people being the most vulnerable.

The primary culprit of skin cancer is the sun. Ultraviolet rays, whether they are UVA or UVB rays, alter the genetic material in cells. The skin then becomes not only damaged, but unable to regenerate properly. Normally, when skin cells are harmed they die and peel away, so new cells can form; but, when this natural process is distorted by UV rays, damaged cells reproduce themselves, which causes a vicious cycle of increased vulnerability and exposure.
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By Sarah, 28 Aug 09

Acid Reflux And Acid Reflux Syndrome

The real help to caring for acid reflux and acid reflux syndrome probably can be found in what you eat.

You need to look at your diet and make some changes. Look at what you eat, drink and the stress you have in your life.
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By Maria, 28 Aug 09

Gum Disease And Gum Infection

Inflammation of the gums, bleeding gum, gum infections and increased sensitivity of the gums and teeth are symptoms that may alert you to gingivitis and/or other oral diseases that indicate a need to seek professional help.

It is not something you should let go. Untreated gum disease and infection is linked not only to tooth loss, but also severe problems such as heart disease and stroke. If you see the dentist about this you will hear a suggestion about antibiiotics or sugery.
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By Nilonky, 28 Aug 09

Fight Cancer With Broccoli Sprouts

Take Broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts are rich in a compound that provides significant protection against breast cancer and colon cancer. The compound is called sulforaphane glucosinalate.

Sprouts grown from certain types of broccoli seeds contain up to 50 times more of this compound than mature broccoli to help you fight cancer.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Watson, 28 Aug 09
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