Build Circle Cutting

25th May 2012 (

Numerous woodworking projects, such as round table tops or archways call for precise, rounded cuts, the kind that cannot be consistently cut by eye with a band saw or jigsaw. To cut precise circular shapes would require a jig for a band saw or router.

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Stacked Dado Blade Sets

23th April 2012 (

Many woodworking projects call for dadoes or rabbets. Years ago, these would have most likely been cut using a specialty plane or by hand with a chisel.

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Smart Woodworking System

15th March 2012 (

The very best product designs enable masses of people to either a) do things they couldn't do before, or b) do things they did do before, but in a better way.

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Teds Woodworking

25th January 2012 (

If you are thinking of putting some decorations and something that you can sit on in your backyard,

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Woodworking Business Opportunities

9th January 2012 (

To be able to exploit all woodworking business opportunities, you need to use a variety of tools. Ensuring that you have all of the right tools before you start will make it much easier to turn your business into a success.

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Crown Moldings

11th August 2011 (

Available in 48'' or 95'' lengths in Maple, Oak, or Cherry.

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How to Router Hinges

13th July 2010 (

The process of using a router on a hinge is the same, whether it's being done on a cabinet hinge or a full-sized door hinge. Find out how to use a template and clamp to cut the mortise for a hinge with help from an experienced woodworker in this free video on router hinges.

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Pocket Hole Joinery Clamp

18th May 2010 (

Clamp and surface align your pocket hole joints easily. Works with 3/8'' pocket holes on 3/4'' thick face frames and casework.

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Edgemate Real Wood Edging

4th May 2010 (

If you can iron you can apply Edgemate! Just position edge banding and heat with either our hand held iron or edge banding machine.

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Mini Clamp-It Assembly Square

2nd February 2010 (

The square you can clamp is now available in a mini size - perfect for small projects!

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Smoothing Bench Plane

10th November 2009 (

  • Iron is made from extra thick 1/8" A2 steel for superior edge retention
  • One piece base and frog virtually eliminates chatter
  • Cherry wood handle and knob for comfort
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Schwingmeisel MAKA RDB-5

30 April 2009 (

Manufacturer: MAKA
Type: RDB-5
Machine condition: good
Offertyp: Used machine
Technical data: Vibrating Meisel: G & 1455-M2406

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Shaker Pegs on Sale

29th April 2009 (

Shaker pegs come in four types of wood: walnut, maple, cherry, or oak. They all have 3/8'' diameter tenon. Priced per pair.

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Screw Hole Buttons on Sale

29th April 2009 (


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Wood Working Machinery

24 April 2009 (

Technical data:

Built in 2005, Besäumlänge 1600 mm, max. Blade diameter of 250 mm, max. Cutting height at 90: 80 mm working width dressing: 300 mm, Abrichttischlänge 1260 mm, Dick table: 300 x 450 mm The data are mechanically translated in the english language. Translation errors are possible. No guarantee for printed data and pricing.

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Woodworking with Hand Tools

Most of the heavy lifting in woodshops today is done with power tools but there are many situations where hand tools can get the job done just as well or even better than power tools. Some woodworkers even rely on hand tools exclusively. Roy Underhill of Woodwright's Shop fame, comes to mind. The eco-appeal of hand tools is that they are generally quiet (minimal noise pollution) and only require human-power (no fossil fuels to burn to generate electricity). They are also relatively inexpensive, comparatively safe, provide a good workout, and allow you to "become one with the wood". There's a kind of back-to-nature aspect to using hand tools. They allow you to enjoy the soft smells and quiet sounds of wood craftsmanship. And hand tools do a nice job. For instance, many people think a hand-scraped surface is superior to a sanded one.
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By Nazeer, 25 Jun 09

Build a Wooden Toolbox- Free

For literally hundreds or years, carpenters have carried their woodworking tools to and from their job sites in wooden toolboxes. The classic wooden toolbox is the essence of simplicity, with no screws or nails, instead relying on woodworking joinery to give the toolbox the strength to carry upwards of fifty pounds of tools.
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By Shahid, 25 Jun 09

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