Empire Levels 36

2nd November 2010 (toolbarn.com)

Empire's 36 Magnetic Polycast® Protractor has an easy-read dial with adjustable angle pointer.

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Stanley MaxSteel 16 Foot Tape Rule

16th August 2010 (hardwareandtools.com)

Thirteen percent thicker blade with patented selective 'cross curve' technology for 9 feet of standout (1 inch blades only) top forward blade lock design for easier lock/unlock.

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Dial Snap Meters

18th January 2010 (mitutoyo.com)

  • Direct GO/NO-GO judgment for massproduced parts.
  • Spindle diameter: 10.8mm (.425")
  • IP protection level: 54
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Aluminum Measuring Wheel

10th November 2009 (stanleytools.com)

  • Ergonomic easy grip handle
  • Snap-lock system provides durability in the field and collapses for easy storage
  • Extra Wide tire tread provides excellent surface grip
  • 85 Durometer wear resistant rubber
  • Heavy duty ABS Housing
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77-018 - IntelliMeasure® Distance Estimator

30 April 2009 (stanleytools.com)

Allows one person to measure up to 40' without assistance
Intuitively designed toggle button features three measuring modes: length, area, and volume
LCD always displays last three


for quick reference
Choose between English or Metric modes
Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
Accurate measurements (+/-0.5%) you can rely on
Automatically calculates area and volume
Manual addition mode for specialized calculations (i.e., perimeter)

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Hofmann HL-100

30 April 2009 (machineseeker.com)

Manufacturer: Hofmann
Type: HL-100
Machine condition: Property, fully operationally
Offertyp: Used machine

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30 April 2009 (sss-mag.com)

I finally have an instrument that I have wanted for many years: An LC (inductance and capacitance) meter. Yes, my digital multimeter (DMM) has a capacitance measuring function, but it is not really satisfactory for the very-low picofarad capacitors that one uses every day in RF design. And, of course, the DMM has no capability of measuring inductance. The HP — no, errrr Agilent, LCR meters are just too expensive for occasional use. There are some inexpensive

capacitance meters

out there that are slightly better than a DMM but they still cannot measure inductance. As a result, many engineers, and practically all hobbyists, have not had the luxury of being able to measure inductors. Before surface mount inductors were the norm, most schematics labeled coils by the number of turns, the size of wire and the diameter of the form since no one could measure the beasts!

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CNC tool grinding machine Walter Helitronic Power

24 April 2009 (machineseeker.com)

Technical data:

++ in order to regrind and new production of wood and metal treatment tools + + + construction year: In 1995 + + + ++ control HMC 400 (5 axes) ++ accessories and equipment: - Software pack 1: cylindrical drills - software pack 2: conical spiralige drill - software pack 3: Drill and step drill - software pack 4: Step tools - software pack 6:

Wood processing tools

- software pack 7: Profile tools - software pack 17: Round loops - Heli-Flute and Cone chip space calculation program - 1 instep feed - 8 flanges - 1

measuring thorn

- 1 measuring disc - band filter arrangement - fire fire-fighting equipment by hand -

measuring tracer

- pneumatic work piece clamping - oil rallying tub - oil dust exhaust unit ++ technical data: - Work piece diameter: max. 240 mms - work piece length: max. 370 mms of circumference loops / max. 300 mms of forehead loops - grinding spindle driving speed: to 8,500 revos, infinitely variable - weight: approx. 3,600 kg + mistakes and intersales reserve! - (Searching words: toolgrinder - tool grinder - helipower - heli power - helitronicpower - walther - grinding center - grinding centre)

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Measuring Tool

Instrument used to measure dimensions. In constructing an item, measurements are taken before cutting the material in order to mark accurately the positions for cutting. Measurements can be taken in one direction to measure length, two directions to measure area, or in three different directions to measure depth of cut. Measurements may be taken in a straight line (linear), at an angle, or along a curve (arc or circle).
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By Bashir, 25 Jun 09

Interesting Facts About Tape Measures

The tape measure has evolved into a much modern process of getting measurements. It developed from the ribbon type to the most modern digital and laser technology capable of measuring in the most accurate method.
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By Riaz, 25 Jun 09

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