specializes Fresh Flowers

15th March 2012 (kcflorist.com)

This beautiful vased floral gift features a colorful assortment of fresh and fancy flowers, such as an Asiatic lily, roses, alstroemeria, asters,

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Brilliant Bouquet

20th October 2011 (flowers2world.com)

This exquisite flower arrangement professionally arranged by our local florist in Colombia.

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Vibrant Hand-tied

30th September 2011 (interflora.co.uk)

There is a real sense of celebration about this flamboyant hand-tied bouquet. With such a rich mix of bright colours and so many favourite flowers, there's certainly plenty to enjoy. It's got a really tropical feel, making this one of our most eye-catching gifts.

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Lily Roses combination

26th August 2011 (flowers2world.com)

Delicate flowers arranged in a vase features white lilies deep red roses and white tulips (Vase may be changed).

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Brighten Your Day

3rd December 2010 (flowershop.com)

They brighten your day, every day. So, let them know how much it means to you with this colorful assortment of cheerful blooms, thoughtfully arranged in a softly rounded vase.

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Scented Rose Blush

22nd September 2010 (interflora.co.uk)

Designed exclusively for Interflora by award winning Rose breeder David Austin, this alluring bouquet combines three Roses - Miranda, Rosalind and Emily with seasonal foliage.

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Bright Wishes

23rd July 2010 (flowers2world.com)

A mix of fresh flowers such as roses Asiatic lilies hydrangea and gerberas - in shades of orange blue yellow purple and cream. Send bright wishes to someone special.

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Blooming Garden

14th April 2010 (topetersburgwithlove.com)

Vivid oranges and bright yellows make this a basket that can be sent at anytime of the year to cheer that special someone up!

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Peony Bouquet

17th March 2010 (flowersforcelebration.com)

Both the color pink and the peony flower symbolise shyness. This bouquet of ten beautiful peony blooms can make a lovely avowal of shy regard.

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Stunning Beauty Bouquet

18th February 2010 (1stinflowers.com)

They will truly appreciate the captivating beauty of this elegant arrangement of Roses, Iris, Carnations, Lilies, Aster, Monte Casino, and Leatherleaf.

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Golden Gem

19th January 2010 (serenataflowers.com)

100% unadulterated yellow pleasure. Pretty yellow roses play patty-cake with white gerbera daisies. This is the world through rose-tinted glasses

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Scented Geranium

11th January 2010 (buzzle.com)

Scented geraniums are heavenly scented flowering plants that are native to South Africa. They are very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors in pots as well as soil.

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Super Pink Patchwork

28th October 2009 (johnlewis.com)

This pink and green profusion of chrysanthemums, antirrhinums and germini is blended with gorgeous roses and alstroemeria for a riot of late summer colour. Vase not included.

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How to Care for Orchids

6th October 2009 (wikihow.com)

Orchids have long been a sign of love and favored as either a corsage worn on the dress, or as a wrist band at most Proms. Most orchids have no scent, but their beauty and elegant colors give the wearer a sense of pride, not quite felt with wearing a Carnation.

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Sunflower Radiance

10th September 2009 (proflowers.com)

Item Description:
  • 7 sunflowers
  • Lush Greenery
  • Stands approximately 14" tall
  • Item #40369
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Patriotic Petals Bouquet

Our Price From: $49.95
Blue agapanthus, white chrysanthemums and Monte Cassino Asters and brilliant red carnations are arranged in a perfectly patriotic pattern in a bright red tapered vase that is wrapped with a royal blue satin ribbon.

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Tiny Flower Turns Pig Poop into Fuel

1 May 2009 (wired.com)

The tiniest flowering plant could prove well-suited to two very big jobs: cleaning industrial animal pollution and providing clean biofuel. Able to thrive on nutrients in animal waste, duckweed produces far more starch per acre than corn, say researchers. It could be an alternative to corn-based ethanol biofuel, which is disfavored by environmentalists because of waste generated in farming it. "Based on our laboratory studies, we can produce five to six times more starch per unit of footage," said Jay Cheng, a biological engineer at North Carolina State University.

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Is it OK to buy flowers?

1 May 2009 (guardian.co.uk)

I recently stood on a walkway high above the enormous Dutch flower auction at Aalsmeer, watching a sea of blooms in motion below me. Twenty million flowers a day move through these giant auction houses, coming into the Netherlands from places such as Kenya, Ecuador, Thailand and China, and then getting shipped to flower shops in London, New York and Paris. Here were thousands of truckloads of festivity, well wishes, love, apologies and even regrets. It's a vast global trade built on the flower's mysterious ability to communicate affection and sentiment. This is especially true on Mother's Day, when an estimated 7m bunches of flowers go to British mothers, bringing the flower industry £225m in sales.

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Flower Power Blooms in First Climate-Change Game

1 May 2009 (wired.com)

People have been arguing about this gorgeous little tone poem since it was released two weeks ago. As many reviewers have noted, the game is very abstract. You control a flower petal, guiding it with a gust of wind through blighted, brown landscapes. As you touch different flowers, you gradually bring the landscape back to life — and trees and grass burst into color.

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Blooms Away: The Real Price of Flowers

1 May 2009 (scientificamerican.com)

Roses are red… They are also fragile and almost always flown to the U.S. from warmer climes in South America, where roughly 80 percent of our roses take root; to warm the hearts of European sweethearts, they are most often imported from Africa. They are then hauled in temperature-controlled trucks across the U.S. or the Continent and locked up overnight in cold boxes before their onward journey to the florists of the world. According to Flowerpetal.com, which tries to limit the environmental impact of flower purchases, sending the roughly 100 million roses of a typical Valentine's Day produces some 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from field to U.S. florist. So what's a lovesick, albeit "green," beau to do?

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22 April 2009 (evergrowing.com)

Cut flowers are a wonderful gift, but after they die, all you're left with is an empty vase! An everlasting alternative is the Anthurium plant. Put it in an attractive container, and "voila". The foliage is shiny and dark green, while the flowers are very showy. Available in reds, pinks, lavender, and whites, the flowers are heart shaped, and can last up to 8 weeks. Anthuriums require little care, and bloom almost continuously in good conditions. This blooming plant likes bright light and needs to dry out to the touch between watering, making good drainage essential. Even when they are not in bloom, they are a beautiful foliage plant.

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Daisy Flower Meaning

Whether grown in wild or planted in flower gardens, a daisy flower has long been appreciated for its simple beauty. Like every flower known to us, this delicate bloom has a meaning of its own. And the amazing part about daisy flower is that meanings gathered from different sources are all optimistic. But the most accepted daisy flower meaning is purity and innocence. In some sources, you will also find the meaning of daisy flower as loyal love, patience, beauty and even 'secrecy between two persons'.

In earlier days, maidens wore daisy flowers to decorate their hair, which symbolized simplicity and innocence of youth. Also, there was a time, when a daisy flower gifted by a maiden was considered a sign of affection and respectable gesture. Till today, a daisy flower is used to express the language of love in a special way. It is commonly related to the fifth wedding anniversary. Or a bouquet of daisies is given to a new mother to welcome the newborn baby.
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By Susan, 18 Feb 10

How to Ship Live Blooms

Shipping flowers across the United States can be done with careful preparation and packing of the flowers. To ship real flowers you must be familiar with the packing and shipping methods of your chosen carrier to ensure the flowers arrive in good condition. While international shipping is available, many retailers avoid it and recommend against it because of cost and agriculture regulations.
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By Potter, 08 Jan 10

Fresh cut & artificial flowers

Fresh-cut flowers are an excellent gift for many occasions - to wish a happy birthday, to express sympathy, or celebrate the fist day of spring.

One has received a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers and is wondering how to lengthen their charm. Whether it's a single bud, a small bunch or an abundant arrangement, a little effort can make a big difference.
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By Seema, 25 Jun 09


Whats the best place to buy flowers online for next day delivery besides interflora? anyone?
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By Adam Jones, 25 Apr 09

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