Christopher Dresser's Metalware

25th May 2012 (

Dresser was something of a Renaissance man, and turned his hand to everything from ceramics and glass to botany and retail. His metalware designs are arguably his greatest legacy, foreshadowing the Modern movement by a quarter of a century,

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Edwardian Hourglass & Sand timer

19th January 2010 (

Dating to the Edwardian period circa 1920, this stunning hourglass measures an impressive 220mm in height & 135mm in diameter

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The Largest Silver Coin Known of the Roman Empire

7 August 2009 (

In browsing the on-line catalogue we came across this Unique item, The Largest Known Silver Coin of the Roman Emprire. Below is the full description from the Goldberg catalogue:

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PHOTOS: Egyptian Queen's Perfume to Be Resurrected

24 march 2009 (

We already know how to walk like an Egyptian, and soon we'll know how to smell like one, too. The favorite perfume of powerful Egyptian "she king" Hatshepsut may be resurrected from residue found in a 3,500-year-old perfume bottle (pictured), a German research team said in March 2009.

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Do you enjoy looking at or collecting collectible plates?

Do you enjoy looking at or collecting collectible plates? Many people enjoy this hobby.
The franklin mint and the bradford exchange collector plates, are the people that bring us what we know as the collectible plate. plate collectors around the world know the franklin mint first for their norman rockwell plates. These are beautifull porcelain plates with the paintings of norman rockwell on them. Since then other collectable plates have also come out. Today you can find collectors plates with reproductions of famous artists, or even hand painted by other artists. There are even collectible plates with animal themes for the animal lovers. Some plate collectors only collect those plates with animal themes, or even doll themes. Still others only prefer to collect the antique plate. There have been many collectors over the years.
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By Haroon, 16 Jul 09

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