Bob Marley Fine Art Print

Photographer, Joe Sia, captured moments by focusing on the faces of the performers, the crowd, and by giving the background, whether simple or wild, the importance it deserved in defining the artist and event.

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26th Januray 2010 (

In our modern world of automatic cameras, which focus for us and adjust the exposure in an ever more perfect way (most of the time), the biggest difference between a good photograph and a mediocre one is the compositon.

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Massimo Vitali's photography captures the good life

15 July 2009 (

I came across Massimo Vitali's photograph Cefalù 2008 in an art gallery in Amsterdam recently. It immediately caught my eye, not just for its dreamlike, bleached-out vision of bathers in the sea at an Italian resort, but for more personal reasons. Vitali photographs Italian beaches from a raised podium that gives his shots an epic sweep and enables him to capture the essence of holiday crowds. His art is about pleasure, hedonism and conformism. It's an art in which I recognised myself – almost literally. As it happens, I was actually part of the crowd on the beach at Cefalù in Sicily in the summer of 2008. We didn't see a man on a raised platform with a camera, and I don't seem to be in the picture. Even if I were, I'd be indistinguishable from all the other people in the pale blue sea. But it must have been taken within weeks of our being there.

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Azaleas and Live Oaks, Magnolia Plantation

23 June 2009 (

Category: Trees

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In Point Lobos, Where Edward Weston Saw the World Anew

1 April 2009 (

LANDSCAPE photographers are remembered for the places they took pictures of and almost never for the places they lived. The most eloquent cenotaph to the lives of Carleton Watkins and Ansel Adams is the mountains and waterfalls of Yosemite National Park. A trip to San Francisco in search of Watkins’s demolished studio or Adams’s unspectacular childhood home, on the other hand, won’t figure in many Americans’ vacation plans this year.

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Photo Gallery: Underwater Wrecks

27 march 2009 (

An abundance of shallow reefs have made the British Virgin Islands a scuba diver's paradise—and a boat captain's nightmare. Here, the wreck of a tugboat rests in its sandy Caribbean grave.

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The Best Photo Journalism of 2003

25 march 2009 (

A picture that captures, with all its phenomena, the air, water, minerals, and life (flora and fauna) - an appreciation of the world.

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Photo of Abraham Lincoln Could Be His Last

20 March 2009 (

A collector believes a photograph from a private album of Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant shows President Abraham Lincoln in front of the White House and could be the last image taken of him before he was assassinated in 1865. If it is indeed Lincoln, it would be the only known photo of the 16th president in front of the executive mansion and a rare find, as only about 130 photos of him are known to exist. A copy of the image was provided to The Associated Press. Grant's 38-year-old great-great-grandson, Ulysses S. Grant VI, had seen the picture before, but didn't examine it closely until late January. A tall figure in the distance caught his eye, although the man's facial features are obscured. He called Keya Morgan, a New York-based photography collector and Lincoln aficionado, who helped identify it as Lincoln.

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