The Ancient Art and Craft

16th December 2011 (

For centuries, gloves have been worn by the rich, the wealthy, and the fashionable. In ages past, they have represented many things to many people world wide.

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Dreamy Talavera

2nd October 2010 (

No, it's not a game of Tetris. This fanciful retreat into fantasy is a delight of color and textures. The eye is filled with intriguing imagery, thanks to all the little details that permeate every corner of this whimsical look at life, nature and civilization.

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Double Magic Pens

7th October 2010 (

Have double the fun with the spectacular Hamleys Double Magic Pens set! With two magic pens, each colour can be transformed twice. So get creative! 8 colour pens and two magic pens supplied. Suitable for ages 3 years plus.

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Angelito Con Silla

16th August 2010 (

Artist: Gavela Rebollo

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Shedding Darkness on an Eakins Painting

19th July 2010 (

The critic Clement Greenberg once described Thomas Eakins's signature brand of darkness as "an ideal chiaroscuro." Eakins was known to knock down even the brightness of a cheerful blue sky with a sober dimming wash.

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2nd July 2010 (

Amigos - Modern Art
Size: L40.50 X H32.50 X W1.50

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Electronic Arts

13th April 2010 (

According to Electronic Arts Chief Technical Officer Ian Shaw, production on titles has already advanced due to Simon's input. "We have had a working relationship with UCL for the last six years and the university's academic research correlates with our development of computer games.

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The Old Guitarist

25th February 2010 (

Pablo Picasso's tragic and poignant "Old Guitarist" was created during his Blue Period (1901 - 1904), after a close friend's suicide plunged him into a deep depression. Only 20 years of age at the time, his already vast emotional range profoundly spoke through the painting's somber tones and expressive contours.

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Bernstein on the Mystery Behind the Music

17th February 2010 (

Imagine this: you drop onto the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, switch on the TV and see a dapper young man with a baton standing before an orchestra and demonstrating the patterns conductors use to lead music in different meters - two, three, four and five beats to the bar.

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Time-Traveling With the Muses in Boston

15th January 2010 (

BOSTON — You love art. When and where did that start? In school? At home? In books? For me it began when I was a kid in the 1950s and '60s, before and during my teens. The primal scene was divided between two Boston museums where I spent a lot of time.

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Limited Edition Prints

15th January 2009 (

If art prints would be regarded by everybody as solely decorative objects of beauty, limited editions would not exist. But art prints can also become quite expensive if demand exceeds offer.

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Unspooling Time Loops

7 August 2009 (

To glimpse the future of contemporary art, or at least a slice of that future, spend some time at the X Initiative in Chelsea. Real time. The solo shows on view provide in-depth exposure to the efforts of three young artists who work in film, performance, sound and other time-based mediums, and suggest some exciting new approaches to reinventing and recombining Post Minimalismís diverse strains, especially the emphasis on language and the use of dispersed, decentered installations.

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How bright is the future for arts graduates?

15 July 2009 (

A couple of weeks ago, there was a sea of headlines pondering the bleak outlook for people leaving university this summer: up to a third of graduate jobs have vanished, said the research, and the Guardian reported that up to 40,000 of this year's graduates face unemployment. I suspect those figures will raise long-suffering smirks from anyone who works in the performing arts. As I wrote yesterday, according to research done in 2005, two-thirds of Equity's 40,000-odd members are unemployed at any one time. On average – and measured over an entire career – theatre professionals spend more time working outside the industry than within it. While no one will be overjoyed at the prospect of graduating without a job this summer, one group of graduates in particular has never expected anything different.

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Art Exhibit

May 23, 1967

Wolfgang's Vault owns one of the world's largest collections of original concert posters, featuring hundreds of rock posters, political posters, sports posters, comedy posters and others that were previously unavailable to the general public. Virtually all of our concert posters are in mint condition, and many are signed by the headline performer or the graphic artist.

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Playwrights Horizons, Vineyard Theater Pair Up for ‘Burnt Part Boys’

3 April 2009 (

With the recession and unpredictable ticket sales leading theater producers to tighten their belts, two New York not-for-profit theaters announced Thursday afternoon that they would co-produce a new musical, “The Burnt Part Boys,” sharing the costs as they work toward an Off-Broadway premiere next spring. While co-productions by two theaters in different cities are common enough — allowing a show to be seen in each place — a joint effort by two theaters in New York is somewhat unusual, although theater industry leaders expect it to become more common because of declining revenues and donations hitting not-for-profit stages.

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A Frizzy, Fizzy Welcome to the Untamed ’60s

1 April 2009 (

You’ll be happy to hear that the kids are all right. Quite a bit more than all right. Having moved indoors to Broadway from the Delacorte Theater in Central Park — where last summer they lighted up the night skies, howled at the moon and had ticket seekers lining up at dawn — the young cast members of Diane Paulus’s thrilling revival of “Hair” show no signs of becoming domesticated.

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Celtic Knot Meanings

Celtic knots were first styled and adopted by the ancient Celts, and around the 8th century, it was widely used as part of ornamentation of Christian temples, monuments and manuscripts. From then on, it spread all over the world. The use of interlace patterns like spirals, steps, keys, plait work and braiding patterns to display rich, colorful and intricate symbols. An intrinsic component of Celtic art and culture, the art form is based on dominant seven creations: man, mammal, plant, insect, bird, fish and reptile. All these creations were used to highlight certain derivations.
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By Donald, 10 Sep 09

Body Tattoos by Paul Binnie

Paul Binnie, born 1967, a printmaker and painter from Scotland, is in the footsteps of old Japanese ukiyo-e masters. Woodblock prints in Japanese tradition but with his own, individual and modern characteristics, have made him a famous artist all over the world. Since the 1990s he has created a number of woodblock prints depicting body tattoos.
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By Paul, 04 Aug 09

Yoshitsuya Koko - 1822-1866

Yoshitsuya Koko was a Japanese printmaker from the late Edo period when an era of political stability, isolation and social opression was in its decline and final stage. Probably under the influence of his teacher, Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Yoshitsuya had specialized in woodblock prints of warriors and events from Japan's history and legends.
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By Youk, 04 Aug 09

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