Dr Seuss The Lorax

16th May 2012 (lokoiworld.com)

A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.

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Hunger Games Sequel

19th April 2012 (eonline.com)

We can't watch Catching Fire until it's filmed, so production needs to start ASAP. (It's actually slated to begin in the fall, but you know how we feel,

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

14th December 2011 (imdb.com)

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Craig) is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander (Mara), a young computer hacker.

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Michael Jackson trial

4th October 2011 (guardian.co.uk)

Jackson was clinically dead when he arrived at a hospital, according to emergency room doctors that treated the singer

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Final Destination 5

12th August 2011 (msn.com)

Death stalks a group of co-workers who avoid a grisly demise in a massive suspension bridge collapse after one of them experiences a terrifying premonition in the fifth installment of the popular Final Destination series.

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Beyonce's '4' enters Billboard chart

7th July 2011 (cnn.com)

Now Beyonce has another reason to love the number four. The 29-year-old is back on top of the Billboard 200 again with her latest solo offering, "4."

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Ladybug Magazine

22nd December 2010 (buzzillions.com)

Term: 9 issues - One Year SubscriptionYour Savings: 43% off the cover priceToddlers, preschoolers and early readers love Ladybug.

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Tracker Ball Movement Toy

3rd December 2010 (sensoryedge.com)

6 brightly colored soft and safe rubber balls tumble down the Amazing Tracker Toy Maze. The balls are placed through the top, zigzag their way down and are collected in the tray at the bottom for retrieval and continued play.

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Skyward Summit

13th October 2010 (buzzillions.com)

Your little adventurer can explore and discover from the peak of the summit. Its authentic design reaching 80" tall makes this climber look like a real rock climbing wall.

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Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls has served with the British Special Forces, climbed Everest and explored the Arctic. In this exciting series he shows us how to survive the toughest and most remote environments on the planet by putting himself in the position of a stranded tourist.

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The Big Bang Theory

15th September 2010 (imdb.com)

In the third season of "The Big Bang Theory" brilliant physicist Leonard Hofstadter attempts to navigate a post-dating friendship with his beautiful neighbor Penny

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Valhalla Rising

2nd July 2010 (yahoo.com)

Scotland, 1000 AD. A world torn between the brutality of the past and the civility of the future. A mute Scandinavian savage known only as "One Eye" is kept as a animal and only bought out of his cage by his owner to fight for money. Aided by Are, a boy slave

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Singer Michael Buble

21th April 2010 (yahoo.com)

Singer Michael Buble holds his Juno Awards for Single of the Year.

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Green Zone

8th March 2010 (yahoo.com)

Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is a rogue U.S. Army officer who must hunt through covert and faulty intelligence hidden on foreign soil before war escalates in an unstable region.

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How Concert Tours Work

23rd February 2010 (howstuffworks.com)

How profitable are concert tours? Very, if the performers are major artists with fans eager to see them. Newcomer Miley Cyrus, for example, brought in $45.3 million from her 70-show Best of Both Worlds concert tour in 2007 and 2008.

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Eli Cook - Miss Blues'es Child

13th January 2010 (entertainment.com)

Charlottesville, Virginia's best kept secret Eli Cook is about to leave home with his debut release of Miss Blues'es Child on Valley Entertainment.

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Pop Ballads and a Dose of Cassidy Nostalgia

22 July 2009 (nytimes.com)

If you're old enough to remember “The Partridge Family” and young enough to remember it fondly ? which means you?re in your mid-40s and can recite the Echo Valley phone number ? then you might enjoy Tuesday night's pilot episode of “Ruby & the Rockits” on ABC Family.

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Hands on: God of War 3 turns on the gore

10 June 2009 (wired.co.uk)

Los Angeles: There’s one thing that immediately distinguishes God of War III from its predecessors: gore, and lots of it. Otherwise, it looks quite a bit like the first two games, which appeared on PlayStation 2. On the one hand, this is largely down to the fact that the original games’ creators pushed the hell out of Sony’s prior platform. On PlayStation 3, the graphics, though clearly upgraded, are relatively less impressive, because Sony now has many games that look just this good. Perhaps, then, it's because the designers needed to do more to separate God of War III from its last-gen brethren that they filled it with flowing blood, splattering entrails, etc. Blood is busting out all over: erupting geyser-like from enemies’ slit throats, pooling on the floor, sticking to the walls, smearing in real time all over Kratos’ ghostly white skin.

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Cannes Film Festival

25 May 2009 (yahoo.com)

Filipino director Brillante Mendoza poses after receiving the Best Director award for his movie "Kinatay", during the photocall of the Closing Ceremony of the 62nd Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France.

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Death as Wedding Guest: Bride’s or Groom’s Side?

10 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

Conceived as if it were an act of revenge against the entire destination-weddings industry, “Harper’s Island” (beginning Thursday) is a 13-episode mystery-thriller-psychodrama with CBS’s dopey but shamefully watchable whodunit imprimatur all over it. The whodunit here revolves around a series of murders that unfold each week on a secluded island in the Pacific Northwest, where lots of young people played by anonymous bad actors (and a sleazy uncle, played by Harry Hamlin) have gathered for the wedding of a former boat cleaner and a tootsie of an heiress who doesn’t mind her sex in industrial kitchens.

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YouTube and Universal to Create a Hub for Music

10 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube, the most popular online video site, and Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, said on Thursday that they would create an online hub for music videos and related content, called Vevo. The agreement is the latest of many efforts by YouTube, which is owned by Google, to put more professionally produced content in front of its huge audience, and in turn, earn more money from advertising. Music videos of Universal’s artists will be available both on Vevo.com, which will be powered by YouTube’s technology, and on a Vevo channel on YouTube. The companies said they would share revenue from advertising on both sites, but declined to discuss specific terms of the agreement.

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Sailing Off, Wheelchairs at the Prow

10 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

Theater Review

If you have ever wondered how Katharine Hepburn might have been as King Lear, Jane Alexander offers a few lively suggestions in her performance in “Chasing Manet,” the whimsy-clotted new play by Tina Howe that opened on Thursday night in a Primary Stages production at 59E59 Theaters. Ms. Alexander, a Tony-winning actress (and four-time Oscar nominee) of daunting authority, plays Catherine Sargent, an imperious artist who has been consigned to an old-age home. And when she stands angry and barefoot in her white nightgown, long, snowy hair tumbling around her naked patrician face, raging in a Brahmin accent against those who brought her to this sad point. ... Well, just squint a little, and you can imagine Catherine morphing into Katharine, shouting down the thunder on the blasted heath.

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The 10 Shows That Deserve to Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

10 April 2009 (yahoo.com)

With plenty of our favorite shows in danger of falling through the network programming cracks, it's time to bring more attention to the series that deserve another season, but may not get one. We know, we know, wishin' and hopin' didn't do "Pushing Daisies" any good, but we're sending out a prayer to the TV powers-that-be anyway: when upfront time rolls around in a month or so, please let at least some of these shows reappear on your schedules.

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Hot Gossip Romance Report: Kate & Owen, Pink & Carey

10 April 2009 (msn.com)

Conflicting tabloid reports have us wondering whether condolences or congratulations are in order for Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. In Touch claims the lookalike, light bulb duo (you know, on-again and off-again -- a lot) are going through another rough patch because the actress is resistant to settling down. "Owen wants to get married and he proposed to Kate soon after they got back together," an insider maintains to the magazine.

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Fabulous Over 40

10 April 2009 (glamourmagazine.co.uk)

Halle Berry has just been crowned the “sexiest woman alive” and, at 42, that’s not bad. To keep trim, the Oscar-winner enlists the help of celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza and works out five times a week.
Twenty-five years after his breakthrough in Risky Business, Tom Cruise is still going strong at 46. Gorgeous wife aside, he’s still recognisable as the 19-year-old who danced around in his undies.

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Britney delays gig due to weed smoke

10 April 2009 (glamourmagazine.co.uk)

Britney Spears stormed off stage during one of her concerts because audience members were smoking marijuana. The singer said that the crowd had made her show "unsafe", just three songs into her set. An announcer told the audience that the performance would not continue until people stopped smoking weed as it was "dangerous" to Britney and her crew.

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Recession Fuels Readers’ Escapist Urges

8 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

In a recession, what people want is a happy ending. At a time when booksellers are struggling to lure readers, sales of romance novels are outstripping most other categories of books and giving some buoyancy to an otherwise sluggish market. Harlequin Enterprises, the queen of the romance world, reported that fourth-quarter earnings were up 32 percent over the same period a year earlier, and Donna Hayes, Harlequin’s chief executive, said that sales in the first quarter of this year remained very strong. While sales of adult fiction overall were basically flat last year, according to Nielsen Bookscan, which tracks about 70 percent of retail sales, the romance category was up 7 percent after holding fairly steady for the previous four years.

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Lady Sovereign: 'I lost the plot a few times'

8 April 2009 (guardian.com)

It should be a straightforward question, but for rapper Lady Sovereign a simple "How are you?" requires careful consideration. "I feel ... good." Pause. "Yeah, I'm good. I'm ... " Long pause. "I'm ... happy," she decides. Louise Harman is just 23, but already she's had quite a life. By the age of 20, she had scored a Top 10 hit with the Ordinary Boys - Nine2Five - and recorded with the Streets. In 2005, she got a deal with Island Records in the UK, while Jay-Z himself signed her to his Def Jam label in the US. She was soon touring America with Gwen Stefani, performing in front of thousands in Times Square. Lady Sovereign, the self-described "street rat from a normal working-class family", had made it. She became, and remains, good friends with Stefani; the two would hang out every night "just bantering", she says. One evening they ended up "chasing each other around a field, drop-kicking each other.

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Lifetime will finally get to air sixth season of fashion competition after Weinsteins and NBC Universal settle lawsuit.

3 April 2009 (tv.com)

NBC Universal decided that it looks really good in green… lots of green. After a lengthy legal battle, NBC U and the Weinstein Co. have finally settled the lawsuit that was preventing Project Runway from leaving NBC's Bravo for Lifetime in a shocking deal made almost one year ago. With the roadblock cleared, Lifetime has decided to air the next cycle of its new prized possession (which was shot last year and has been completed for months now) sometime this summer. The show was originally supposed to air on Lifetime last November, with a second cycle scheduled for this spring or summer.

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The Strange Tale of a Chinese Emperor’s French Prints

3 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

Of all the East-West encounters, few are as strange as the story at the heart of the Louvre show of 44 French 18th-century prints on view until May 18, under the title “The Chinese Emperor’s Battles: When the Qianlong Emperor Sent His Requests for Prints to Louis XV.” From 1755 to 1759, the army sent by Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796) fought a tough war to conquer Mongol lands and, further west, the vast territories of the Uighurs in Turkistan, now called Xinjiang. Executed at the behest of the emperor, the prints offer an idealized vision of a considerably harsher reality.

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Alien Trespass Milks '50s Sci-Fi for Laughs

3 April 2009 (wired.com)

R.W. Goodwin dealt with plenty of aliens and slimy creatures as he helped steer the first five seasons of The X-Files, racking up producing and directing credits on more than 100 episodes during the series' heyday. Now the director is unleashing a giant rubber monster on an unsuspecting world in Alien Trespass, a so-earnest-it's-funny homage to '50s sci-fi flicks that opens Friday in limited release. Set in 1957 and inspired by classics like War of the Worlds, The Day the Earth Stood Still and It Came From Outer Space, the movie gets comedic mileage from the kind of special effects that were once considered scary.

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FBI Nabs Robbers With Google Map, Spycam Mashup

1 April 2009 (wired.com)

G-Men these days have to focus more on stopping terrorists than nabbing old-school bank robbers. So FBI agents in Arkansas are enlisting the online public's help in catching the thieves. And it appears to be working. Four bank robberies have been solved in the past six months, thanks in part to tips collected from BanditTrackerArkansas.com, Little Rock special agent Steven Burroughs tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. In all, 10 suspected robbers featured on the site are now behind bars.

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Facebook's public listings are a security risk

1 April 2009 (newscientist.com)

A new paper (pdf) by the Computer Security Group at the University of Cambridge looks at Facebook's policy of releasing a small chunk of a user's profile to the internet at large. They show that, for relatively little effort, it's possible to pull up huge amounts of information about who's friends with who, who are the most heavily-connected users, and so forth - all of which is prime fodder for spammers, phishers and internet marketers. In fact, this is just the kind of data that many people think Facebook will need to sell to turn a profit from its massive network.

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American Idol, Find Out Who Stays And Who Goes Home

31 march 2009 (tv.com)


The contestants find out who is safe and who will be sent home on the American Idol results show.

Full Recap

First up on Idol tonight is one of the most beloved winners of American Idol history - Reuben Studdard, singing his latest single, Together. Dressed in a dashing black suit with white piping trim, a bearded and bald Reuben belts out his tune live much to the delight of the studio audience. After the song, Ryan announces that congratulations are in order - Reuben was recently married! It's been an exciting week for the contestants on American Idol, as they were flown by private jet to Detroit to visit Hitsville. Down to business, Ryan Seacrest says it's time to pull out the bottom three. He asks Adam Lambert to stand up. After the nationwide vote - he's safe! Matt Giraud is next in the spotlight - the judges all thought he had a solid performance - but America disagreed - he's in the bottom three! The studio audience boos! Kris Allen is centered out by Ryan next. He builds the suspense, but then says that Kris is safe. Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver are both asked to stand up now. Lil is told she is safe, but Michael is in the bottom three.

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Fear detector makes for the fairground ride of your life

31 march 2009 (newscientist.com)

If amusement park rides never seem to deliver the level of thrill you're after, you'll welcome new ones that can spot if a person is bored and push up the excitement levels to compensate. Conversely, they could calm things down should the levels of excitement peak too high. Engineers at the University of Nottingham, UK, are developing rides that do just that – recording physiological data that indicates the kind of experience a person is having and altering what they do in response.

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Sanjay Dutt barred from election

31 march 2009 (bbc.co.uk)

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, convicted for his role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, cannot contest forthcoming elections. The court declined Dutt's request to suspend his conviction saying he had been involved in a "serious offence". The actor was sentenced to six years in jail in July 2007 for buying weapons from bombers who attacked Mumbai. He was bailed in November 2007 and wanted to stand as a Samajwadi Party candidate while his appeal is heard. The Samajwadi Party hoped he would run in Lucknow, capital of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Dutt is one of Bollywood's most bankable stars.

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Paris' new boyfriend wants babies

27 march 2009 (glamourmagazine.co.uk)

Paris Hilton's new boyfriend, The Hills' Doug Reinhardt, is already talking about settling down and starting a family with the heiress.

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Depp is most popular dinner guest

27 march 2009 (glamourmagazine.co.uk)

Johnny Depp is the star with whom most women would like to share a romantic candelit supper.

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Facebook attacks gov't web-monitoring plans

25 march 2009 (zdnet.co.uk)

Social-networking site Facebook has criticised government suggestions that intelligence services should monitor the web communications of all UK citizens. Facebook chief privacy officer and head of global public policy Chris Kelly told ZDNet UK on Tuesday that the government proposals, which include monitoring social-networking sites, were excessive. "We think monitoring all user traffic is overkill," Kelly said. "There is legislation to allow law enforcement access to traffic data [of suspects]. We are not convinced at this time that expansion of those channels is necessary.

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Facebook Marketing

13 March 2009 (doshdosh.com)

Initially built for college and university students in 2004, Facebook has since grown into a popular social networking website that is open to all.
With over 30 million members worldwide, Facebook is 7th most visited site in the United States and sees over 15 billion pageviews every month.

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The Oscars 2009

13 March 2009 (bbc.co.uk)

Hit British film Slumdog Millionaire has won the top prize at the Academy Awards, winning eight Oscars including best director and best picture.

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Broke? 20 Fun Things to Do Without Spending a Dime

13 March 2009 (stumbleupon.com)

The best things in life are…actually, yes, they are free. At least, creativity is free. It’s only in recent times that recreation and entertainment has been sold to us for a very high price. But do you really want to spend $30 for a movie and popcorn with a friend? Nah, you can do better - especially if you’re trying to save money these days, like most of us. Check out these ideas and step outside of the expensive, prepackaged entertainment box.

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Ladybug Magazine

I love these magazines. We subscribe to Ladybug, Spider, and Cricket (each for a different child). The stories are great, as is the illustration. An illustrator friend of mine says that it is very prestigious to be asked to illustrate a story in these magazines, and I figure it is the same for the stories. No advertising, of course. The thing I like the best is that each magazine is geared toward a certain age of child.
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By I love these magazines. We subscribe to Ladybug, Spider, and Cricket (each for a different child). T, 29 Dec 10

Skyward Summit

My husband and I were looking for something in our backyard for the grandkids that they wouldn't outgrow so quickly. That seems to be the biggest problem with so many outdoor toys for kids. Our 14-year old granddaughter says that when the younger grandkids are not playing on the "mountain" she'll read a book curled up on the platform. Our 4-year old grandson was a bit challenged to climb it, but he made it
0/10 (0 votes)
By Sarrah, 22 Nov 10

Great Rock Climbing Mountain

We used Site-to-Store service to get our mountain. The box is HUGE! It filled the entire bed of our pick-up and extended past the tail gate. If you do not have a truck to pick this up have it delivered to your house.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Austin, 03 Nov 10

ATV Safety Requires Parental Supervision

The ATV Safety Institute and nearly 1,000 training facilities nationwide stand ready to present you and your child with the information, attitude, and practical skills needed to properly operate ATVs. More than 1,500 certified ASI Instructors teach half-day courses that are a mixture of discussion and riding time. You and your child can learn the basics of ATV controls, braking, proper steering technique, and how to navigate hills and assorted obstacles. Plus, you will learn all about the "Golden Rules" of riding safety, wearing proper gear, risk management and even the importance of respecting the off-road environment.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Bigshow, 19 Aug 09

Angelina Jolie Visits Iraqi Refugee Camp

Taking a brief moment from her daily chores of being an international film and beauty icon, Angelina Jolie lent her face and fame to a refugee camp in Iraq. Jolie made a stop at the Chikouk camp in northern Baghdad, which is home to nearly 12,000 refugees of the Iraq war. Nearly all of the camp's inhabitants are Shiite Muslims from the Abu Ghraib town, which is slightly west of Baghdad.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Robert, 28 Jul 09


I personally prefer monoco...
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By jonny good, 26 May 09

YouTube and Universal to Create a Hub for Music

Cannot wait for the Music Hub!!
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By Komal, 24 Apr 09

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