Philips BDP5506/F7

25th May 2012 (

The Philips BDP5506 has built-in Wi-Fi, 3D compatibility, a simple user interface, and a few high-quality streaming-media services, including Netflix, Vudu, and Pandora.

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15th March 2012 (

People are starting to hear the phrase "multisystem DVD player," and they are wondering what benefit these players have over traditional DVD players.

Pioneer DV-2012 Region

21th February 2012 (

The Pioneer DV-2012 multi region code free DVD player is much more than a DVD player. It is guaranteed to play DVDs from any region in the world PAL or NTSC on any TV.
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DVD Player Model 102

25th January 2012 (

Modified for Region Free & Code Free to play RCE/REA discs Region free, code free, multi region, multi system dvd player.
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Jensen DVDB01

12th April 2011 (

This 12V DVD player also handles CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and MP3s. Features front and rear A/V jacks, DIN chassis, LED backlit full function controls
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7-Inch Portable DVD with Freeview Reception and USB

9th December 2009 (

Keep children or grown ups entertained on the move
Watch DVDs or digital TV on the 7 inch widescreen
Anti-shock protection for skip-free playback

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Wal-Mart recalls fiery DVD players

28 August 2009 (

Exploding iPhones are so earlier this week, people. The new scary consumer electronics product that might explode and kill you and your family is the cheap Durabrand DVD player exclusive to Wal-Mart. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of the device, saying the players can overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers.

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JVC - DVD Player

28 July 2009 (

Save space in your entertainment center with this

DVD player/VCR combo

that allows you to transfer footage on a DVD to a VHS cassette.

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Recordable DVD standards go head-to-head

28th April 2009 (

Three rival


consortia have given up all hope of agreeing a single standard for

recordable DVD

and are unveiling three slightly different and completely incompatible home recorders at IFA, the giant consumer electronics show being held in Berlin. DVD is the fastest selling consumer electronics product ever. Just about everyone who owns a DVD player - and plenty of people who are still waiting to buy one - wants a recorder that "tapes" onto eraseable blank discs. With unhappy memories of VHS and Betamax, consumers want a single standard, but they must now take their pick and hope they do not back the losing standard.

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G.E.’s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc

28 April 2009 (

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100


. The storage advance, which G.E. is announcing on Monday, is just a laboratory success at this stage. The new technology must be made to work in products that can be mass-produced at affordable prices.

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Software That Copies DVDs Is on Trial

28 April 2009 (

SAN FRANCISCO — RealNetworks says it wants to help increase


sales by allowing people to copy their movie discs. Hollywood studios say that idea will only hurt their already struggling business. The two sides square off in a federal court here on Friday to determine who prevails. The case is ostensibly about RealDVD, a $30 software program that allows users to save digital copies of Hollywood DVDs to their computers — a capability the movie industry strenuously objects to, worrying that it will stimulate piracy and undermine the budding market for digital downloads.

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Linksys DVD & Multimedia Player DP-1100

21 April 2009 (

Next Generation


and Multimedia Player, the KiSS DP-1100 proves to be just a masterpiece. Just like all similar products on the market it will playback your DVDs in the highest of qualities, so you'll only have to sit back and enjoy the show. But what you won't find on similar products is the array of digital files this Media player will allow you to watch. Almost all formats available on your computers can be viewed on your television now. Just slip a CD in and you can watch your favorite

computer generated movies

, listen to your digital music tracks or any audio


and view your pictures with the fantastic slideshow function.

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Auto DVD players

Auto DVD players are great electronics you can show off to your friends or use to keep the kids entertained on long road trips. These DVD systems for cars are now priced to be accessible to just about anyone.

The technology for auto DVD players just keeps getting better, too. You can find systems to mount on the roof, in-dash, and on the backs of headrests. They will play music and movies and you can even buy headphones to plug into them if the whole car isn’t interested in hearing the entertainment.

Auto DVD players are definitely a great investment if you have kids and take road trips of any length. The wide range of features on these will entertain kids for literally hours at a time. The players are also considered a luxury feature in high-end autos and are another flashy piece of “bling” that can be added to your ride.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Niley, 28 Aug 09


I've got an HD-DVD player along with several titles. Of course it looks as
good--identical--to BluRay. But the technology was fundamentally less
expensive. The players cost less. The disks cost less to make (and could
be made compatible with regular DVD, simplifying inventory). It was
ready for market.

Sony loved making royalties from licensing CD technology. They missed
the boat on DVD and they were bound and determined to win the HD
war. It was never about the superiority of their technology (Sony hasn't
made superior technology in a decade). It was simply about licensing
revenue. A bitter victory, eh?
0/10 (0 votes)
By Jacob, 01 Jul 09

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