2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

25th May 2012 (carshowroom.com.au)

Just look at the thingÖ Wide, low, with big ducts, vents and scalloped winglets, the Veloster promises speed and sportiness. Which is why, when we got into the conventional base car,

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Ford Grand C-MAX mini MPV

23th April 2012 (carbuyer.co.uk)

The seven-seater Grand C-MAX could well be the best handling car in this segment and with its fantastic, practical interior, could even be the best car in its class.

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2012 Fiat Freemont AWD

15th March 2012 (carmild.com)

2012 Fiat Freemont AWD is the four-wheel drive version matched with the 170 HP 2.0 MultiJet 2 and 280 HP 3.6 V6 petrol engines, both offered with the new six-speed automatic transmission.

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Toyota Aygo Fire

28th February 2012(carbuyer.co.uk)

The Fire comes with 14-inch alloy wheels, front foglights and LED daytime running lights, rear privacy glass, leather steering wheel and gear lever and a rev counter.

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Audi A5

20th February 2012(dgermancar.com)

Audi officially announced that the A5 Coupe sedan is having new two entry-level of oil burners powerplant. The new engines are the two 2.0L TDIe that offers the 136 horsepower and 163 horsepower.

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2012 Ferrari California

20th February 2012(roadandtrack.com)

A lighter and more powerful Ferrari California convertible is set to debut during the Geneva Auto Show on March 6.

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2012 Porsche 911

20th January 2011(carmild.com)

The 911 is available as either a coupe or a cabriolet, in either a rear-wheel drive (Carrera) or an all-wheel drive (Carrera 4) configuration,

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New 2012 Hybrid Cars

30th September 2011(msn.com)

There are both positive and negative signs for sales of hybrid cars in the fall of 2011, but it seems clear that they are a permanent and growing niche in the automotive landscape.

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BMW 7-Series

12th August 2011 (msn.com)

The 7-Series is BMWís flagship luxury sedan that was redesigned for 2009 and added the V12-powered 760Li for 2010. Still offered in regular and extended wheelbase versions, both the 750i and 750Li are powered by a 400-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

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2011 Chrysler 300

26th May 2011 (msn.com)

The redesigned Chrysler 300 retains the previous model's square-shouldered look and low profile, blended with smoother highlights and richer detailing throughout.

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2011 Audi TT

9th March 2011 (cars.com)

The Audi TT gets more power in 2011. There are some minor exterior changes, but the big news is under the hood. The higher-performing TTS model also gets some updates for 2011, as well.

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2012 Ford Focus Electric

7th March 2011 (consumerreports.org)

What is it? The Ford Focus Electric is a five-door hatchback that promises the same 100-mile electric range on a charge as several other electric cars coming to market, only with a shorter charge time.

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2011 Audi A8

31st January 2010 (msn.com)

As a current Audi owner, I have a soft spot in my heart for the company's finely crafted cars. I wasn't disappointed by the new A8. The updated exterior styling is sleek but, as usual, understated.

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Acura TSX wagon

27th December 2010 (consumerreports.org)

Acura has introduced a wagon version of its well-rated TSX sedan. Rather than follow the Acura ZDX and Honda Crosstour with slope-backed hatches, the TSX is a true wagon.

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2011 Mercedes-Benz E550

18th October 2010 (cnet.com)

Mercedes-Benz updated the E-class for 2010, but only released the sedan and coupe at that time.

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2010 Honda Accord Sedan

15th September 2010 (yahoo.com)

The Honda Accord comes in sedan and coupe versions. Either way, the Accord is big on efficiency, be it getting the most power

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2010 Kia Forte

19th July 2010 (nytimes.com)

KIA would never admit it, even if executives in Seoul imbibed too much soju one night. But they have to be thinking that maybe this recession isn't such a bad thing.

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Ford Street Ka

9th June 2010 (dooyoo.co.uk)

Manufacturer: Ford / Cars Model: Street Ka

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The Bugatti Veyron

16th April 2010 (howstuffworks.com)

The Bugatti Veyron is a car built around an engine. Essentially, Bugatti made the decision to blow the doors off the supercar world by creating the Veyron.

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Subaru Forester AWD

15th April 2010 (msn.com)

Subaru is the award winner of the group, taking home best SUV of the year accolades from Motor Trend magazine. The Forester does everything well. Its Symmetrical AWD system provides balanced power to all four wheels, splitting it only when and where needed.

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Mitsubishi ASX

8th March 2010 (topgear.com)

Mitsubishi is celebrating its 140th birthday this year - the Evo I, of course, being launched in 1870, boasting a mighty 1bhp and all-hoof drive - and in celebration has unveiled this, the thoroughly smart-looking ASX crossover.

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A Tata Nano Takes Manhattan

17th February 2010 (nytimes.com)

THE Tata Nano, which caused a sensation when it went on sale in India last year with a base price of about $2,200, has been seen by relatively few people in the United States.

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2011 BMW 5-series / 535i

4th February 2010 (howstuffworks.com)

"There it is." BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk is standing on stage near the 2011 BMW 5-series, looking self-confident. He believes that this time around BMW won't disappoint the aficionados. "I believe that we achieved the perfect business sedan, a tailored suit," says the Dutch designer, the longtime number two to departed design head Chris Bangle.

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Digna LEXUS IS350/250 Full 3PC Lip Kit

14th January 2010 (ilovebodykits.com)

The Digna is specifically made for the Lexus IS350/250. The classic and sleek lines of the new Lexus model are accentuated further by the Digna design.

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2010 Lincoln MKS

14th December 2009 (cnet.com)

Automatic parking works incredibly well in the 2010 Lincoln MKS, as does adaptive cruise control. Sync and Sirius Travel Link provide useful device connectivity and information for road trips. Ecoboost power gets this sedan moving fast.

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Toyota Corolla ZRE152R 1.8 Ascent

22 July 2009 (autotrader.com.au)

Research the new 2009

Toyota Corolla

ZRE152R Hatchback with all the information required to assist in making your buying decisions. With prices starting at $21,490* the Toyota Corolla comes standard with Seating: five seats, a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine, Four-wheel ABS, Power steering type, Full car warranty: duration (months): 36 or distance (miles): 62,100, distance (km): 100,000.

Buy Toyota Corolla ZRE152R 1.8 Ascent »

Dorel Air Protect keeps your blow-up children safe

1 July 2009 (engadget.com)

It might look like your run-of-the-mill

car seat

, but Dorel's Air Protect comes with an extra dose of parental paranoia, or as they call it, side impact protection. Sure, you could protect your child by not driving like a reckless maniac, but where's the techno-loving fun in that? You're far better off strapping junior into a pre-inflated airbag, while disregarding the fact your giant SUV is killing the world he is supposed to grow, live and love in. Now that we've guilt-tripped you into recycling your soda cans, how about a self-serving video of the crash test after the break?

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Ford Fiesta 1.25 Studio 3dr

Quotation based on a 36 Month Personal Contract Hire for the 1.25 Studio 3dr, 3+35 Payment Profile, 10,000 miles per annum, Non-Maintained Contract. Call our Sales Team on 0870 330 1555 or e-mail [email protected] for more information. Gap insurance available from £144.90 for 0% over 12 months.

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Connect a Dodge Viper to your computer

8 May 2009 (reviews.cnet.com)

Still sleep in a race car bed? Then Road Mice is for you. These mice are faithful replicas of cars such as the Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang. The company behind Road Mice, Four Door Media, just announced three new models, the Dodge Viper, Chrysler PT Cruiser, and Chrysler 300C. Considering the financial threats to Chrysler's existence, those models might not be around long as actual


, so the mice may prove to be collectors' items.

From a functional point of view, these are wireless, optical mice, with a scroll wheel that might mar the car's design just a bit. Ergonomically, a VW Beetle would probably work best, but that model isn't offered.

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Toyota Posts $4.4 Billion Net Annual Loss

8 May 2009 (nytimes.com)

TOKYO — Blaming a prolonged slump in global demand and a strong Japanese yen, Toyota Motor booked a worse-than-forecast ¥436.9 billion ($4.4 billion) net loss for the year that ended in March and warned Friday that it would lose another ¥550 billion this year.

The annual net loss, Toyota’s first since 1950, is a stunning reversal from the record ¥1.72 trillion profit the Japanese automaker reported the previous year.

The loss capped a bittersweet year for


, which eclipsed General Motors as the world’s biggest automaker by unit sales in 2008 -- a position Detroit-based G.M. held for 77 years only to be hit by a crisis of its own.

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This Car Is Not the Future

8 May 2009 (wired.com)

We understand that sometimes it takes a radical re-think to shake up the established order, to realize that tried and true ways of doing things are in fact just old and tired. And we know true change requires being free to dream up unconventional ideas. It’s a road, one trod by the likes of Newton and da Vinci, that leads to true innovation and a better, brighter future.
On the other hand, sometimes it leads to something like the XR3 Motors Plug-In Hybrid. For the love of Buddha, why do people keep making things like this?

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How Self-parking Cars Work

29th April 2009 (howstuffworks.com)

Parallel parking is an ordeal for many drivers, but with parking space limited in big cities, squeezing your car into a tiny space is a vital skill. It's seldom an easy task, and it can lead to traffic tie-ups, frazzled nerves and bent fenders. Fortunately, technology has an answer - cars that park themselves. Imagine finding the perfect parking spot, but instead of struggling to maneuver your


back and forth, you simply press a button, sit back, and relax. The same technology used in

self-parking cars

can be used for collision avoidance systems and ultimately, self-driving cars.

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Fantastic car hire deals!

Hybrid Technologies becomes EVII, adds two electric beasts to its conceptual stable

10 April 2009 (engadget.com)

Remember Hybrid Technologies, the company that offers to rip the motor out of a Mini and then charge you close to $60,000 for the privilege? They've gone and changed their name to EV Innovations Inc., or EVII (which looks like EVIL if you squint), and along the way came up with a pair of new electric options. First is the Wave (pictured above), with a 170 mile range, 80 mph top speed, $34,900 price tag, and a body that looks something like a 996 Porsche Carrera left out in the sun too long.

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Cruising the Misfits of Motordom

10 April 2009 (wired.com)

1957 Studebaker-Packard Astral We haven't come to the Peterson Automotive Museum to see the 253-mph Bugatti Veyron or Steve McQueen's vintage Jaguar or even the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame.

View Gallery on Cruising the Misfits of Motordom»

Innovation: 100-mpg car contest under starters orders

9 April 2009 (newscientist.com)

Innovation is our new column that highlights the latest emerging technological ideas and where they may lead. Last night in California a list of 111 teams was announced – one of which may hold the key to motoring's green future. They are the registered entrants to the Progressive Auto X Prize, a contest that will award prizes totalling $10 million for vehicles that can go 100 miles on the energy equivalent to that in a gallon of fuel. Notable by their absence were the

world's largest car manufacturers

– bar Indian firm Tata – who don't seem interested in taking part. The list is varied spanning slick Californian start-ups with

electric cars

, to less-refined backyard efforts still finalising their designs.

Read Article on Innovation: 100-mpg car contest under starters orders »

Obama Administration Relies on Fast and Furious Rebound in Car Sales

9 April 2009 (sciam.com)

Detroit automakers were caught flat-footed last year as new car sales stalled, leaving dealer lots overcrowded and manufacturing plants idle. Now it appears Washington policymakers are at risk of falling victim to overly optimistic sales forecasts. The White House finalized new auto fuel economy standards late last month that assume annual new car sales will rebound to levels unseen in the past two years, and will do so in as little as 18 months. Likewise, congressional lawmakers pushing for more flex-fuel vehicles – cars and trucks capable of running on high blends of ethanol and gasoline – may watch the effects of the proposed legislation fall flat as a result of the significant drop in the sale of new vehicles that is dragging down the cash-strapped industry.

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Mercedes-Benz to Bring 4-Cylinder Diesels to the U.S.?

9 April 2009 (nytimes.com)

Would a Mercedes-Benz

luxury car

that gets 44 miles a gallon interest you? Would your interest be tempered at all to know that car is powered by a 4-cylinder engine? Those are the questions Mercedes-Benz would like to have answered before it decides whether to bring


with that engine to North America. So, at the 2009 New York auto show, Mercedes is showing what it calls the Vision E250 BlueTEC concept.

Read Article on Mercedes-Benz to Bring 4-Cylinder Diesels to the U.S.?»

An SUV for Well-Armed Soccer Moms

9 April 2009 (wired.com)

So you're a suburban soccer mom who's tired of being shown up by the other soccer moms rolling up to practice in a Mercedes G500 or, worse yet, going completely unnoticed among all the look-alike SUVs and CUVs parked outside Costco. What you need is something that stands out, something that says you mean business and something that all but screams "Get the hell out of my way!" Something like the 2010 J8 MILSPEC from American Expedition Vehicles. Oh sure, the J8 looks like a lowly Jeep J8 Expedition, but it's hand-built to military specifications.

Read Article on An SUV for Well-Armed Soccer Moms»

We Drive Nissan's Electric Car, and It's Sweet

3 April 2009 (wired.com)

The prototype of Nissan's forthcoming

electric car

may look like a breadbox, but the technology beneath that boxy body could propel the Japanese automaker to the front of the EV pack when the car hits the road next year. Nissan may be a small player compared to the likes of General Motors, Toyota and Honda, but it's probably the most committed to EVs. CEO Carlos Ghosn has said in no uncertain terms that cars with cords are the future of the automobile. And he's backed that up with an all-in bet on a practical, affordable hatchback with decent range, reasonable recharge time and room for five people. Oh - and Nissan says it'll cost about 90 cents to charge.

Read Article on We Drive Nissan's Electric Car, and It's Sweet»

Feds Say the Volt Won't Save GM

1 April 2009 (wired.com)

General Motors has all but bet its future on the Chevrolet Volt, but the government says the range-extended

electric vehicle

won't save the beleaguered automaker. "While the Volt holds promise, it likely will be too expensive to be commercially successful in the short term," President Obama's auto task force said in its assessment of GM's restructuring plan. The panel soundly criticized the restructuring plan GM submitted as part of its request for a federal bailout, saying it relies on unrealistic and overly optimistic projections. The task force believes GM can become a competitive automaker, but only by shaking up its management — which is why Obama essentially fired CEO Rick Wagoner — and accelerating its restructuring.

Read Article on Feds Say the Volt Won't Save GM»

The Tata Nano: world's most affordable car set to hit the street in India

27 march 2009 (sciam.com)

Tata Motors’ Nano, billed as the world’s cheapest (new) car, with base models selling for about $2,000 (or 100,000 rupees) is expected to sell like hot cakes when the company starts taking orders for it on April 9. The no-frills Nano has a two-cylinder engine mounted in the rear (like the classic Volkswagen Beetle), giving it a top speed of 65 miles (105 kilometers) per hour. The base model comes sans air conditioning and power windows, but those amenities are available in deluxe models.

Read Article on The Tata Nano: world's most affordable car set to hit the street in India »

Tesla Model S will cost under $50,000 after tax breaks

24 march 2009 (autobloggreen.com)

When Tesla formally announced the Model S Sedan last June, the MSRP bandied was about $60,000 for the all-electric sedan. In its newsletter today, Tesla has confirmed that the "anticipated base price" for the Model S will be $57,400. With a federal tax credit of $7,500 available, however, the Model S should cost just $49,900. Details on what's included in the base version of the Model S should be available at the vehicle's official unveiling next week. Tesla says that even with a sub-$50,000 price tag (just barely), the Model S is really competing with cars that cost much less:

Read Article on Tesla Model S will cost under $50,000 after tax breaks»

Jaguar, Buick dethrone Lexus in reliability study

20 March 2009 (yahoo.com)

NEW YORK – Jaguar and Buick surged to the top of J.D. Power and Associates' closely watched vehicle dependability study this year, tying for the No. 1 spot and dethroning Lexus for the first time since the Japanese luxury brand has been a part of the survey.

Lexus, Toyota Motor Corp.'s luxury brand, took the next spot in the study released Thursday, followed by Toyota's namesake brand, then Mercury, Infiniti and Acura.

"Buick and Jaguar both lead the industry in nameplate performance," said Neal Oddes, director of product research and analysis at J.D. Power. "In terms of individual model performance, Lexus and Toyota still do very, very well."

Read Article on Jaguar, Buick dethrone Lexus in reliability study»

Luxury cars for under $30,000

06 March 2009 (cnn.com)


The conventional wisdom, among most folks, anyway, is that buying a

used car

is usually something done out of necessity, by those on a budget -- that is, people who want, or need, to "move down" from the new-car market because a new model is simply out of their reach. However, there is another category of used cars that appeal to those with a bit more disposable income: used

luxury cars



For some buyers, the used-luxury market is a way of getting into that Lexus, Lincoln, Infiniti or Porsche you always wanted, without laying out $70,000 or $80,000 for something you're not actually going to live in. For others, scouring the


listings is a way of re-visiting the halcyon years of their youth. At this point, some of these used-luxe models have been around so long that they almost qualify as vintage throwback editions.

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2011 Chrysler 300

I love the look of the car. I am thinking about buying it but I need to know what kind of gas milage the V6 gets?
0/10 (0 votes)
By Chris, 30 May 11

Ford Fusion

that provides smoother drive and progressive feedback during parking. In order to keep it as new forever, one must maintain the various part of this car. Extra attention is neede specially for the tyre.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Steve, 08 Jun 10

Add Quality with Porsche Boxster Parts

Porsche Boxster is one of the leading and the most luxurious cars in its category. It is designed with all the latest parts and features which ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. It is considered to be one of costliest cars but the price of Porsche boxster does not affect the aficionados or the fans of the company at all. When, due to some technical problem, the owners have to get some replacements done in this majestic beauty, they never compromise with the eminence of its auxiliary parts.

The most common parts which are usually changed are the voltage regulator, oil pump, main bearing, piston sets, battery cable, oil filters, camshaft, motor mount, and con rod bearing. The Porsche Boxster group has easily made these parts available in the market at very affordable prices without sacrificing the quality.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Barbara, 04 May 10

How To Buy Used Engines

"Used car" or "used car engine" means one of two things - that you are trying to save money or you are trying to find a replacement engine for a damaged dream car. Either way, you are about to embark on a journey that will require you to hunt more car parts if you are not careful with your deals, because there are engine suppliers who do not care if you receive the right car exhaust system or car brakes. If you are looking for a classic diesel engine, chances are most of its parts are irreplaceable. Therefore, if you have acquired the services of an unreliable source, you will probably receive an incomplete or useless engine. However, do not lose hope, because there are sources that can supply you with a functional engine
0/10 (0 votes)
By Shawan, 13 Apr 10

Caravans Offer Increased Freedom

If you're looking for new holiday experiences then it may well be worth your while to investigate buying a caravan. Once thought of as having a relatively limited appeal, these leisure accessories have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

This is plain to see if you go out for a drive during the school holidays, or at other popular times of the year. There are more caravans on the road and there are probably a number of reasons why this should be the case.

Many people are taking more of an interest in how much they are spending on many activities. This causes them to look closely at their spending habits. Weekend breaks and holidays tend to involve a considerable amount of expense, so it makes sense to think about how costs could be reduced in this area.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Mark, 12 Apr 10

Power Car Antenna

These are antennas that are designed to overcome the weakness of external car antennas. These are placed in a compartment or housing attached to the exterior of the car. When the car ignition is switched off, they don't hang in the air like how external antennas do, and hence, are not prone to damage. The power car antenna mast is ejected or lowered, by an electric motor connected to it. When the car ignition is activated to 'on' by inserting and turning the key in it, the electrical motor controlling the antenna is activated and propels the power car antenna mast up, and out of it's housing. The power car antenna when ejected, can receive radio transmissions. When the ignition switch is set to 'off', the electronic control signals the electrical motor, to lower or collapse the antenna mast. Thus, the power car antenna is safely tucked inside the protective compartment, when it is not in use.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Martin, 09 Sep 09

Dorel Air Protect

Itís nice to see innovation in MA, particularly w
hen it is focused on child safety.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Taylor, 01 Jul 09

This Car Is Not the Future

no, using the diesel engine as a generator would make too much sense. From the Riley website: ďWith the XR3, the two front wheels are powered by the combustion engine, and the single rear wheel is electric powered. The two power systems are not integrated within the vehicle. The connection between the conventional power system and the electric power system is provided by the ground. Proper phase-in between the two power systems is handled by a simple throttle mechanism and a dash-mounted switch to select between ICE power, electric power, and dual power modes.Ē
0/10 (0 votes)
By hue, 18 Jun 09

This Car Is Not the Future

So the throttle controls the diesel engine? Thatís a little odd isnít it? I thought you were supposed to tune the motor in these sorts of vehicles to optimum for generating electricity, then you put the throttle on the supply of electricity to the motors running the wheels.

If thatís not what they are doing, then Iíd agree itís a bit weird.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Joye, 18 Jun 09

This Car Is Not the Future

Maybe itís just my contrarian nature, but the more you knock the design of this (car, PTV, hybrid?) thing the more I find myself liking it (this coming from the guy that has ridiculed and derided nearly every eco-friendly city car, hybrid and plug-in since the EV1). The styling is certainly questionable, but I kinda like the single door/roof. Those struts absolutely need to go, however. What he should use is a double articulated hinge under the leading edge of the windshield at the A-pillars that allows the top to pop up, then tilt forward. The engine configuration also makes sense; the diesel engine is essentially a generator transmitting power to the electric motors through a single power wire while the frame itself is used as the ground circuit. The throttle would control both the speed of the diesel engine (determining the amount of electricity generated) and the output speed of the electric motors connected to the drive wheel (in the traditional role of a throttle, sorta). Selling
0/10 (0 votes)
By Nini, 18 Jun 09

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