Styles Casual Jackets

29th March 2012 (

A leather jacket is also one of the more classic types of casual jackets for men. Most popularized by the bad boys of 1950s cinema,

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Insuring your Factory

9th January 2012 (

Factory insurance meets the demands and needs of businesses wishing to protect their assets against potential hazards such as fire, theft, flood, accidental damage, etc.

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Small Business Insaurance

15th December 2011 (

Small business insurance is important because things don't always go as planned and accidents do happen.

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Discount Auto Insurance

4th November 2010 (

Most of us are familiar with at least a few auto insurance discounts but few realize the long list of discounts available depending upon the state in which you live, the insurance company you do business with, and several other factors.

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Family Health Insurance

1st October 2010 (

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right family health insurance plan. If you are seriously considering it, it's worth your while to understand what options are available to you.

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How Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

2nd July 2010 (

A growing number of people are dropping their auto insurance to try to save money, according to a recent study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC). If the current rate of unemployment continues, the IRC estimates that the national uninsured rate will climb from 13.8 percent in 2007 to 16.3 percent in 2010.

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Student Insurance

27th May 2010 (

As a student there's going to be plenty going on in your life. You want to be able to do your own thing without worrying about whether your personal possessions are safe. That's why Lloyds TSB has partnered with Endsleigh to offer you specialist protection.

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Teens and Auto Insurance Rates

2nd February 2010 (

Getting a driver's license can be quite an exciting time for a teenager and through all the excitement the last thing on the youth's mind is automobile coverage. Usually these youthful motorists just want to grab mom or dad's keys, jump behind the wheel, pick up their friends and head to the mall.

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The role of emotions in buying health insurance

14th September 2009 (

More than 140 million Americans currently have discretion over health insurance purchases, representing a total of $785 billion in premiums or premium equivalents.

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Insuring your home

9th September 2009 (

Will your insurance company be there for you in the aftermath of a disaster, when you most need it? The answer might be no.

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Getting Insurance for One’s Frailest Years

3 July 2009 (

IN our house, we talk a lot about long-term care. My dad is 92 and afflicted by dementia and failing eyesight. Luckily, I’m blessed with three wonderful siblings who do the hard work of caring for my father and making sure he can stay in his own home in suburban Detroit. But my visits from Brooklyn to spell my siblings are becoming increasingly complex, as my father needs more care and loses track of exactly who I am.

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Insurance Giant A.I.G. Takes Ex-Chief to Court

18 June 2009 (

The latest act in the drama of the American International Group opens Monday when the ailing insurance giant takes its former chief executive to court, accusing him of plundering a trust that it says was set up to pay top performers. A.I.G. contends Maurice R. Greenberg, 84, who ran the company for decades, unlawfully took $4.3 billion in stock in 2005, the year he was forced out as chief executive. Mr. Greenberg and his lawyers say that those A.I.G. shares — owned by Starr International, a privately held company, of which he is chairman — were not held in a trust at all. As Starr’s chairman, they say, Mr. Greenberg had the authority to sell the shares and invest the proceeds in new offshore insurance businesses and in a new charitable arm.

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Congress Airs Concerns on Long-Term Care Insurance

18 June 2009 (

As many as 7 million Americans have long-term care insurance policies, and many states confronting burgeoning deficits are urging consumers to buy this type of insurance as a way to protect Medicaid budgets. But at a recent Senate hearing, lawmakers and watchdog groups cautioned that greater consumer protections are needed. “There are no guarantees that the policies purchased today will serve your needs 20 to 30 years down the road,” Diane Rowland, executive vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, told the Senate Special Committee on Aging earlier this month. Consumers must balance premium affordability with the types of services they may want, the daily benefit amount, the length of coverage and other options, such as inflation protection. But personal needs and the marketplace can change in the decades between purchasing and using a policy, Ms. Rowland said.

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Compare Car Insurance

8 May 2009 (

Car Insurance is the biggest and most competitive insurance product in the marketplace. Any number of insurance companies assure customers old and new that they can offer cheap car insurance to any and every driver, either by providing low cost car insurance or by offering to compare car insurance quotes from any number of companies.

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The Local Insurance Agency Hustles in a Slump

22 April 2009 (

WHILE the big insurance companies have been buffeted by the weak economy and investment losses, the industry’s front line, the insurance agencies, have generally been riding out the adversity. “This is a great business, because people always need insurance,” said Janet Jones, president of the Elkins Jones Insurance Agency in Los Angeles. “It’s just a question of who they buy it from.” “As the economy gets worse,” she added, “people need to feel they can hold on to their business, their home, their cars.”

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Redesigning Your Style

Transforming clothes was always connected with providing many important functions for human activity. In addition, transformed clothes are a byproduct of creativity and ingenuity. Being a stylish person is not easy. Thus, improving your clothes' demeanor as an act of conscious fashion shift towards contemporary refashioning of secondhand clothing is actually rather progressive. Experiencing the new character of that same old pair of jeans you have bought three years ago, can be the outcome of your dedication to commit some time and renew its old fit. A few cuts, at the right places, some foe crystals on its back pockets, a monogram on the thigh, a gold sparkling textile marker across the waist, are some of the things that can help you transform your used clothing and attract other peoples' attention to your unique style illustrated by your personally crafted fashionable creations.
0/10 (0 votes)
By Sarah, 11 Sep 09

Dress for Success

It is common in today's professional environment for people to wear their "business" outfit during office hours and their casual clothes during leisure time. Whether you have realized it or not, you are probably a member of this fast-pace attire couture, as you open your closet in the morning to wear one of your business suits leaving your jeans hanging for the more "relaxed" atmosphere of the weekend or a barbeque party. But even if your office dress code does not explicitly direct you to wear formal business garments, when you are about to be interviewed for a new job it is important you will select to wear your professional-looking clothes.
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By Steve, 19 Aug 09

Western vs Eastern Clothing

Alteration of power and domination between the east and the west has occurred throughout the last 2 thousand years. In terms of civilizations, culture, modernity, sometimes east has been surpassed the west and at times the west has dominated. The supremacy in art, culture, science, philosophy and poetry flourished in the east in the earliest history while the western world was sunk in the "Dark Age". However, the pioneers of the western imperialism pulled the western world out of that abyss and it became dominant over the rest of the world.
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By Nasir, 02 Jul 09

Best Dressed Lists

t's always refreshing when fashion jumps out of the fashion world and onto mainstream society, even if it's through public figures that we hardly are ever going to run into on the street. That's why I thoroughly enjoyed the news this week about Vanity Fair magazine naming three so-called fashion icons. The list was diverse and their sense of fashion varied, but what they have in common seems to be a strong sense of personal style that comes through no matter what they wear.
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By Hasan, 02 Jul 09

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