The Stripe on a Credit Card

29th March 2012 (

The stripe on the back of a credit card is a magnetic stripe, often called a magstripe. The magstripe is made up of tiny iron-based magnetic particles in a plastic-like film.

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Travel Rewards Credit Cards

15th April 2011 (

Remember when traveling was cheap and airport security was a breeze? Oh those were the days... Now we're faced with outrageous prices for everything from plane tickets to hotel rooms…

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Best Business Credit Cards

7th March 2011 (

Whether you're starting a new business or growing your established company, having the right business credit card makes a world of difference.

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Credit Cards For College Students

1st October 2010 (

A lot of people are critical of them, but the truth of the matter is that student credit cards are one of the best ways for young adults to establish their credit. Building a solid credit history will make it easier to borrow money down the road…

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How Credit Cards Work

19th February 2010 (

Have you ever stood behind someone in line at the store and watched him shuffle through a stack of what must be at least 10 credit cards? Consumers with this many cards are still in the minority, but experts say that the majority of U.S.

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Visa credit cards

19 February 2010 (

When people speak of credit cards the one that comes to mind first is most likely to be a Visa credit card. The grand-daddy of credit cards, this venerable card is like having gold in your wallet.

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Cash machines hacked to spew out card details

18 June 2009 (slashgear)

"SKULDUGGERY," says Andrew Henwood, "is a very good word to describe what this extremely advanced, cleverly written malware gets up to. We've never seen anything like it." What he has discovered is a devious piece of criminal coding that has been quietly at work in a clutch of cash machines at banks in Russia and Ukraine. It allows a gang member to walk up to an ATM, insert a "trigger" card, and use the machine's receipt printer to produce a list of all the debit card numbers used that day, including their start and expiry dates - and their PINs. Everything needed, in fact, to clone those cards and start emptying bank accounts. In some cases, the malicious software even allows the criminal to eject the machine's banknote storage cassette into the street.

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The Debt Settlement Industry Is Busy, but It’s a Bit Nervous, Too

18 June 2009 (

CHICAGO — This should be a triumphant time for the debt settlement industry. If ever there was a moment when masses of people needed help so they were not smothered by the weight of their credit card bills, it is now. But at a conclave of settlement professionals here this week, the mood was more of crisis than celebration. One sober question hung in the air: Would the industry exist in anything like its present form in a few years? A formidable array of forces is concerned about the way the settlement companies solicit consumers and negotiate lower payments on their debts. The industry is in the cross hairs of the Federal Trade Commission, state regulators, members of Congress and state legislatures. Credit card companies are not fond of it, and many consumer advocates practically loathe it.

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Credit Bailout: Issuers Slashing Card Balances

18 June 2009 (

The banks were bailed out last fall, the automobile companies last winter. For Edward McClelland, a writer in Chicago, deliverance finally arrived a few days ago. Mr. McClelland’s credit card company was calling yet again, wondering when it could expect the next installment on his delinquent account. He proposed paying half of his $5,486 balance and calling the matter even.

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Credit Card Wars: A Penalty for Thrift?

18 June 2009 (

Ronald J. Mann, a law professor and author of “Charging Ahead,” offers his view that recent growth in debit card use could have a bigger effect on the credit card industry than any new legal restrictions.

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Consumers Feel the Next Crisis: It’s Credit Cards

22 April 2009 (

First came the mortgage crisis. Now comes the credit card crisis. After years of flooding Americans with credit card offers and sky-high credit lines, lenders are sharply curtailing both, just as an eroding economy squeezes consumers.

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The New Airline Reward Cards

Airlines are teaming up with credit card companies to produce some really sweet deals for travelers. Are you a frequent flyer? Do you make lots of daily purchases with your credit card? If so, you might want to rethink your choice of airline reward cards
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By Nicholas, 28 Aug 09

Do credit card rewards make people spend more?

Each card swipe promises to bring those coveted credit card rewards of free round-trip airplane tickets to a sunny beach paradise a little bit closer. And the more you swipe, the faster you can get there.

The allure of credit card rewards -- free airline miles, dining dollars or discounts at a favorite store -- encourage excess spending and thus contributes to the vast number of Americans laden with credit card debt, says a study published by a marketing specialist and an economist.
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By Farrukh, 31 Jul 09

How to Get a Student Credit Card in Tough Financial Times

In the past, college students were considered easy targets for credit card marketing. Faced with the promise of easy credit (and maybe an iPod thrown in for good measure), college students, on their own for the first time and eager to taste financial freedom, signed up for credit cards – even if they were unemployed and had no apparent way to pay off their debt. If they ran up the balance on one card, it wasn’t hard to find another creditor waiting with card holder agreement in hand.

Now things have changed. For the first time in years, college students are having a hard time getting approved for credit. While some may consider this a good thing, students need to have access to money in the event of an emergency. If an emergency savings account isn’t available, credit cards are the number one alternative.
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By Jamila, 20 Jul 09

How Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit Score

Transferring balances with high interest rates to a credit card with a lower interest rate (or a 0% interest balance transfer offer) is a great way to pay your debt off faster and save money in the process. It's not as cut and dry as transferring the money from one place to another though, there are some other considerations to work out before you rush into the next balance transfer offer you qualify for: primarily, how does a balance transfer affect your credit score?
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By Tahera, 06 Jul 09

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